BREAKING: U.S. Senate Defies Obama Rule 57-43…They Just OBLITERATED His Gun Control Legacy!

At the rate President Trump is shredding Mr. Obama’s legacy, there will soon be nothing left but the memories of a failed administration. This is not said with joy. When a president fails, the nation suffers as well. That President Trump must spend so much time rolling back the leftist initiatives that Mr. Obama did manage to put in place is a measure of the disaster that the Obama administration represented.

While it’s true that Mr. Obama’s failure to get some of his agenda passed was a plus, his failure as a president has hurt the country. One need only look at the tragic deterioration in race-relations as well as the loss of respect from foreign leaders to see that the nation as a whole has suffered from Mr. Obama’s failures.

With a Republican-led Congress, President Trump’s burden is lightened considerably. While it cannot be expected that Congress will automatically rubber stamp everything he proposes, he should have allies in the form of Congressional leaders as well as majorities in both houses to get his initiatives passed and on his desk for his signature. In fact, we recently had an example of just that.

From Western Journalism:

H.J. Res. 40, rolling back the rule, passed mostly along party lines, 57-43, with all Republican and a handful of red-state Democrat senators voting for and the remaining Democrats voting against it.

The resolution passed in the House earlier this month in a similar party-line vote, 235-180.

The Senate has passed a bill to reverse one of Mr. Obama’s last acts as president. In this case, it was part of his anti-gun agenda.  This rule of Obama’s, “required the Social Security Administration to report anyone who requires third-party assistance to manage his or her Social Security benefits to be placed on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Anyone on that list cannot buy a gun.”

It is now about to become history. We will not mourn its passing, but will look forward to many more such repeals in the days ahead.

Source: Western Journalism

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