Justice Threats? Senate Democrats Throw Trump’s Picks Into Jeopardy…Drop Shocking SCOTUS Plans!

Now that President-elect Trump is preparing to take over on January 20, he will be given the task to nominating a Supreme Court justice to occupy the seat left vacant by Justice Antonin Scalia after his untimely death last February.

This vacancy has infuriated Democrats, as the Senate Judiciary Committee stated that in no uncertain terms, the justice nominated would need to happen after the election, with a new president. The idea was for the will of The People to be heard on Election Day, and that the incoming administration should maintain the responsibility of choosing this life-long appointment.

Trump’s choice will likely be very controversial, since Democrats are threatening a filibuster if the nominee isn’t what they consider to be “mainstream.” Of course, the conservative right considers mainstream to be what it was when the Founding Fathers were still around and not what the liberal left has turned it into now. As it stands, the progressives are basically looking for way left of the moderate middle.

The Senate Democrat party leader, Chuck Schumer, has vowed that Democrats will oppose any nominee they don’t consider to be “mainstream” “with everything we have.”

“My worry is, with the hard right running the show, that the likelihood of the nominee being mainstream is decreasing every day,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said Wednesday. Asked to define mainstream, Schumer said, “You know it when you see it.”

According to Townhall:

As minority leader, Schumer won’t have the same power as McConnell to block a nominee. But his words signal that Democrats could filibuster and force Republicans to round up 60 votes to move ahead. That will be a challenge for the GOP since they only hold 52 seats.

If Republicans can’t get enough Democratic votes, then they do have another option — change the rules and curb the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., did that for lower court nominees and other nominations in 2013.

We can pretty much figure out for ourselves what kind of nominee the Democrats will support and it won’t be someone anywhere near compatible with the conservative principles that Trump voters support.

More than likely, it will be a person who supports leftist causes, gay rights, and unfettered abortion rights for women.

Everything conservatives hate!

Either way, it looks like Republicans may have a fight on their hands over the next Supreme Court justice!

Source: Townhall

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