See Who’s Now Involved In One Of The Biggest Pedophilia Scandals Of Modern Times?!

Lately stories are starting to come out that high profile figures in politics, entertainment, and big business are, and have been for a long time, part of a child pedophilia sex abuse ring that would shock the world if the names of those involved were ever revealed.

It is extremely disturbing to think that famous actors we’ve watched in movies may have victimized a child or had been victims themselves of such heinous acts.

What would be even worse would be for politicians serving at the highest levels of government committing these crimes. Recently, however, some shocking new evidence suggests it all may be true, namely in the lives of the Clintons. Paul Joseph Watson, a Journalist for Infowars is reporting the details about what may become the biggest scandal of modern times for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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The video below reveals the shocking truth:

Not many people have had the guts to paint this disturbing picture by putting all of these facts together. At this point though, you’d have to just not want to know the truth in order to ignore what is happening.

So the question becomes, why is it the rich, powerful, and famous that are being caught in all this? Maybe it’s happening more than we want to admit, and theses are just the ones getting the press because of their public status. However, there also seems to be a trend that the middle class, or the “little people” keep trying for the next big thing. Grasping higher and higher thinking that more money or fame might make them happy, and that keeps people pretty busy.

Always working on the next promotion or step in life that is supposed to fulfill them, most of whom never feel like they actually reached full potential. Then, there are those who reach the ultimate in status, like President or A­-list actor and find all the money and fame only to realize that even that isn’t making them happy and they have to try and find other things.

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Now, you can believe that theory or don’t, it’s up to you, but if you plan to carry on living in an even slightly civilized culture, you must believe that this needs to be stopped. We can argue about whether pedophiles have a mental illness, and we can debate rehabilitation, but first and foremost this ring of untouchable world leaders who are doing unspeakable acts to children must come to an end, and justice must be served.

This absolutely needs to be stopped and those responsible should be prosecuted and punished severely. We cannot allow such debased practices to continue or we shall surely cease to be a nation.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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