Muslim Refugee Convicted Of Raping 14-Year Old Girl Gets Off Scot-Free For Being…

According to the way western democracies are set up, the government is supposed to exist for the purpose of protecting the citizens from criminals, especially criminals from foreign countries who have immigrated to and wish to live in those western democracies.

But what we are seeing is a huge culture clash between Muslims accustomed to living under an old barbaric system called Islamic Sharia law that are now unable to adjust to functioning in a western society.

Yet, this is exactly what is happening in western countries like Sweden, where a child rapist identified only as Abdul by the Swedish media is acquitted of his crime by a liberal judge, who attributes the crime to “suspected ADHD problems.” The rapist now goes free to commit the crime again.

From Mad World News:

On October 4, 2016, an Iraqi migrant identified only as Abdul by the heavily-censored Swedish media convinced a 14-year-old girl that if she didn’t have sex with him, he would send nude photos of her to her family. After forcing his way into her apartment under duress, Abdul brutally sodomized the girl while filming his devious sex acts on his cell phone. In the graphic footage, the child can be heard repeatedly saying “no” to Abdul.

Abdul was arrested and admitted to knowing that his victim was underage. The court believed that he had threatened, blackmailed, and sexually assaulted the child. Because the victim had said “no” to the sexual advancement, as is the requirement to uphold allegations of rape, the Gothenburg District Court found him guilty of child rape. However, they only sentenced him to 10 months in youth custody, alleging that the migrant is a “child refugee.” Unfortunately, Abdul wouldn’t even receive that punishment.

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According to Swedish news outlet Fria Tider, Abdul appealed his paltry sentence in a higher court on April 7. The judge immediately acquitted Abdul of child rape, reclassifying his crime as sexual exploitation of a child because he “suspected ADHD problems” in Abdul that would have made it “difficult to interpret” what the girl meant when she screamed “no.”

The sentence was reduced at the same time as Abdul suffers “ADHD problems,” meaning that according to the Court of Appeal, he would have found it “difficult to interpret and interact with other people and realize the standards he is expected to live up to.” There was also a video recording of the alleged rape, which shows a short sequence when Abdul penetrates the girl anally. She said “no” several times but the Court of Appeal believes that she only received anal intercourse and therefore does not need to be concerned about any rape.

Abdul’s sentence was reduced to probation, and he was released from having to pay his victim over $15,500 in compensation for mental anguish, which was part of the original ruling by the district court. Charges related to child pornography were also dismissed, allowing Abdul to get away with threats, blackmail, and rape of a minor child.

These are the results of an insanity we here in the west refer to as radical Islam. It is a mindset that allows Muslim immigrants to rape whomever they want and then be set free because of one technicality. The criminal doesn’t realize he’s a criminal because in his country it isn’t a crime to rape a non-Muslim female!

Westerners are inviting predatory male Muslims to sexually assault their women if they allow refugee immigration from Muslim countries! If they don’t understand that, the result will be widespread,  irreparable, emotional, and psychological damage to the women and young girls who will be victimized!

Source: Mad World News

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