School Bully Has His Hands Around “Nerd’s” Neck. Then “Nerd” Says One Word, Instantly Becomes An Internet Sensation!

Dealing with bullies in school is something we can all relate to, and nothing is more infuriating than to watch a bully victimizing a person unable to defend himself.

In this story, someone videotaped a school bully wrapping his hands around a smaller kid’s neck. You would think, based upon the small boy’s physical frame and glasses, he would get trounced.

The bully in this viral video never saw it coming and regretted that he ever tried to push the bespectacled nerd around after landing on his back, air knocked out of him, and with the nerd laying top of him. How embarrassing for the bully!

WATCH: Bully Tries To Choke ‘Nerd’ With Glasses, Didn’t Know Just One Thing

It is quite gratifying to be able to witness a person being bullied who actually can, unbeknownst to the bully, defend himself with abilities gained through Jiu-Jitsu martial arts training.

Click on the video below to see the action.

From Mad World News:

An incredible video is circulating on social media after a few kids got into a schoolyard scuffle. Unfortunately for the wannabe bully who tried to pick on the “nerd” with glasses, he would quickly learn just one thing about his victim – and now, he’s wishing he knew it a long time ago.

Although it’s unclear exactly where in America the incident took place, it all started over a simple sweatshirt. After presumably lending the clothing piece to a fellow member of his school’s track team, the owner of the apparel apparently wanted it back.

However, when the person he lent it to didn’t have it, he grew enraged to the point that he was willing to intimidate to get it back. Of course, the entire incident was caught on video as another nearby team member whipped out his phone when he saw the altercation begin to unfold.

As seen in the footage uploaded to Instagram, the sweatshirt owner told the other kid that he was going to get his property back. “You want to test me?” he asked. “I don’t back down.” According to TMZ Go, things took a quick turn when the bully reached in to choke the teammate he thought was just a “nerd.”

As it turns out, there was just one thing the bully didn’t know – his intended victim actually knew Jiu-Jitsu. After realizing that he was being choked out, the kid being bullied merely said “b*tch” before springing into action.

Bullying on the playground is almost an American institution albeit and unwelcome one, but it is also one that definitely needs to be addressed when the bullying is real.

Needless to say, this bully learned a valuable lesson that day. Never underestimate the ability of your intended victim just because he looks harmless or you might end up getting your butt handed to you!

Source: Mad World News

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