BOOM! Sarah Palin Is Back, Just Serving Up Some Brutal Justice…Kerry and Obama Are Furious!

This past week, we have been dealing with the aftermath of the United Nations resolution that prohibits Israel from settling in East Jerusalem. Since the passing of that resolution, as well as the United States’ abstention from voting on that particular resolution, has led to very intense rhetoric and speeches from many countries, including the United States.

Yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry escalated our now precarious relationship with Israel during his speech, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had some pretty choice words in reply.

Interestingly enough, the mainstream media wouldn’t report this at all, but I believe there is one person who has weighed in on the subject and absolutely convicted the United States of their hypocritical actions.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Sarah Palin.

In her interview with Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, Sarah Palin discusses overall how the United Nations has had such a devastating effect on our nation, and how that negative environment has now directly hurt Israel.

From Breitbart:

“Unfortunately, the UN’s presence even, in the U.S. – all that has done is said to people like John Kerry and his desire to essentially cave to other countries, he essentially is inviting other countries to exercise veto power over us, over U.S. national security measures,” Palin continued on a more serious note. 

“He said during a debate some years ago, he said that our security measures must pass a ‘global test.’ So the presence of the UN here, unfortunately, just creates more fertile ground for leftist globalists like John Kerry to grow in their desire to make the U.S. continue to fund the lion’s share of this globalist circus – where bad players, including dictators, they’re going to keep griping, and complaining, and whining, and attacking us for not bending over backwards enough for their liking. Unfortunately, that’s what the UN presence here has been doing,” she said.

The most important point that Palin makes is how the United States, namely, the Obama Administration is living in a such a delusional hypocritical world. Secretary Kerry is calling out Israel publicly about their borders, when President Obama has ZERO qualms about allowing illegal immigrants to flood through our borders daily.

“Speaking of Israel, it’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous, that the Left now is so obsessed with national borders, obsessed with Israel’s borders,” she pointed out. “Their defense of what they have just done, in stabbing Israel, is based on their supposed desire to see borders enforced. Since when? They never have seemed to understand the concern that we have, nor the purpose of a nation’s borders. They don’t care about America’s porous borders continuing as is.”

Thank you Mrs. Palin, for calling out the Obama Administration for the phonies that they are. Thankfully, in three weeks, America will be able to rebound from these past presidential mistakes and move on in our continued support for Israel.

Source: Breitbart

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