WHOA! You’ll Never Believe What We Just Found Out! ‘Sanctuary’ City Mayor Accused Of…

Mayors of sanctuary cities are already in violation of federal law by defying President Trump’s “no sanctuary” policy when dealing with illegal immigration, but it seems that at least one of the liberal mayors may have other, more serious issues facing him.

Indeed, liberal enclaves across the country have their own problems with corruption, but one Seattle, Washington mayor probably didn’t expect this skeleton to leap out of his closet. And this is one of the most vile skeletons I’ve seen.

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Ed Murray, mayor of Seattle, has had a lawsuit filed against him for sexually abusing a minor back in the 1980s.

According to Clash Daily:

Ed Murray, the mayor of “sanctuary city” Seattle, is facing a lawsuit from a 46-year-old man who says Murray repeatedly “raped and molested him” while the accuser was a crack-addicted teenager in the 1980s, The Seattle Times reports.

The man from Kent, Washington, identified only as “D.H.” in the lawsuit filed in a state court, accuses the mayor of sexually abusing him in frequent encounters and paying him from $10 to $20 each time.

“I have been dealing with this for over 30 years,” the accuser said on Thursday, adding he’s been sober for a year. He described the revelation as essential to the “healing process” of addiction recovery, coming to terms with “the shame, the embarrassment, the guilt, the humiliation that I put myself through and that he put me through.” —

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Naturally the mayor denies the allegations, but the alleged victim has stated:

After bartering over the fee, D.H. says the two compromised on $10 to $15. The transactions continued for the next four to five years on at least 50 occasions, according to the accuser.

“And there’s times he would be doing certain things and I would tell him to stop and he wouldn’t stop, and I let it happen because I wanted that money so I can go get those drugs,” D.H. said in the interview.

The lawsuit provides a description of Murray’s 1980s apartment, gives a valid phone number and even goes into details about Murray’s private parts.

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Clearly, once you break one law, it becomes easier and easier to break other laws. Perhaps Mayor Murray is trying to ease the burden of his past sins by allowing illegals the ability to break laws as easily as he did.

Whatever the reasoning for his careless attitude toward illegal immigration, Ed Murray needs to be in jail, and soon!

Source: Clash Daily

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