BREAKING: President Trump Just Opened A Can Of WHOOP-ASS On Sanctuary Cities — Americans Are CHEERING!

You would think that Liberals would have figured this out by now: What President Trump will do exactly what he says he will do.

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President Trump is a man of action, and no matter what blockades the Left may put in his way, he will answer with another plan.

In the case of sanctuary cities, President Trump has stated that those who harbor illegal immigrants and refuse to assist the federal government (Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement) in the processing and potential deportation of such illegal aliens should lose federal funding. Most cities have ignored him, until now!

From The Daily Caller:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement identified Monday 118 sanctuary jurisdictions around the country that could lose federal funds.

An executive order signed by President Trump in late January called for sanctuary jurisdictions to be stripped of federal funding and for ICE to release a weekly report on localities that ignore immigration detainers. Immigration detainers are a request from ICE to a jail or another local law enforcement agency to hold someone in violation of immigration law so they can be picked up.

Sanctuary counties and cities have been attempting to deny that they indeed ignore ICE detainers, but the report released Monday makes certain which places the federal government can indeed strip federal funding from. These sanctuary jurisdictions include Philadelphia; Clark County, Nev.; Washington D.C.; Boston; Newark; New York City; Chicago; Milwaukee and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons.

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The ICE report details how within the week of Jan. 28 and Feb. 3 jurisdictions declined to enforce 206 detainers issued by ICE. This was out of a total of 3,083 detainers issued that week.

A significant portion of these detainers were ignored by Travis County, Texas. In the period of one week, Travis County refused to honor detainers for 12 immigrants from Central America charged with sexual assault. Travis County’s sheriff has vowed to not cooperate with ICE and Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott has restricted some law enforcement funding from the jurisdiction.

Way to go, Governor Abbott and President Trump! We cannot wait to see other cities, counties, and states begin to respond properly and assist in removing illegal immigrants out of our country. I am confident that if I illegally arrived in any other country in the world, they would treat me more harshly than what America is trying to do right now.

It’s time for Americans to be safe again, and President Trump is on the right track!
Source: The Daily Caller

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