Sanctuary Cities Revolt Against President Trump, Reveal Plan That Would Ultimately Ruin America Forever

There has to be more than we’ve seen so far to the liberal plan that involves filling up so-called sanctuary cities with millions of illegal immigrants. Forgive us for suggesting that our friends on the left have anything other than pure charity and humanitarian motives for doing this, but what’s in it for them? How do they benefit by attracting all these illegals, many of whom will require extensive social and welfare services, to their cities?

This is no small undertaking. It involves providing living space, food, health care, shielding from federal immigration authorities, and other services for perhaps over a million persons. Once these people have been recruited and put in place, what next? There must be an end-point to all of this.

Of course there is. And 21 sanctuary cities are united in their efforts to reward these illegals with U.S. citizenship. This means the right to vote, and one can be quite sure that the program includes assuring these new citizens that were it not for the Democratic Party, they would enjoy none of these benefits. Result? Millions of new Democratic voters.

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“Twenty-one cities, many of them sanctuary cities, have pledged to make 1 million immigrants American citizens by the end of 2017.

“The ‘Naturalize NOW!’ campaign, which includes liberal and progressive groups and elected officials, is aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from deportation under the Trump administration.

“President Trump is not against legal immigration, but has promised to crack down on illegal residency in the U.S., especially of criminals.

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“The initiative heralded the mayors of the cities in joining the national effort.

“The cities include: Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Dayton, OH; Jersey City, NJ; Knoxville, TN; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Miami-Dade County, FL; Montgomery County, MD; Paterson, NJ; Pittsburgh, PA; New York City, NY; Salt Lake County, UT; San Francisco, CA; Seattle; South Gate, CA & Tucson, AZ.”

It does not speak particularly well of the persuasiveness of the Democrats’ argument for why voters should support their candidates when they find it necessary to manufacture one million new voters. This is especially true when these new voters broke the law to enter the country, and no doubt will need extraordinary and probably illegal means to gain citizenship.

And Congress is not remaining silent in the face of this outrage.

“The House of Representatives passed two immigration bills June 29, ‘Kate’s Law’ and the ‘No Sanctuary for Criminals Act’. The bills exact harsher penalties on those who reenter after being deported and put pressure on local governments to cooperate with feds on immigration enforcement.”

Using illegals as tools to boost the vote tally for Democrats is really a new low. Rather than fix the flawed policies of their party, they have decided to manufacture voters who will buy into their platform.

There’s not much else to say.

Source: Federalist Papers Project

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