WHOA! ‘Sanctuary’ California Just Gave President Trump The Middle Finger — They REFUSE To…!

Ever since Trump issued his policy opposing sanctuary cities in the US, there has been an uprising of sorts, in which many city mayors are defying Trump and vowing to keep their doors and their welfare rolls open to illegal immigrants.

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This response has prompted President Trump to propose cutting off federal funds to any US cities which defy his order, but that hasn’t dissuaded the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, from expanding his protections for illegals.

Nor has it prevented Mayor Garcetti from ordering his police and fire departments to refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities in their investigations of immigrants concerning their legal status.

Western Journalism reported:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expanded protections for illegal immigrants Tuesday, promising not to assist federal immigration officials seeking to carry out President Trump’s administrative policies.

“LAPD has never participated in programs that deputize local law enforcement to act as immigration agents, and on my watch they never will,” Garcetti said.

The mayor’s directive prohibits the fire chief and chiefs of the airport and port police from investigating a person solely to determine their immigration status.

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Additionally, federal immigration agents will be unable to use private facilities to acquire information on citizens.

“The city of Los Angeles doesn’t ask questions about where you come from or what language you speak or how you worship God. It is in our power to keep everyone safe,” Garcetti said.

He said Los Angeles “champions inclusiveness and tolerance, and welcomes everyone who seeks to realize their dreams and build their families here, regardless of national origin or immigration status.”

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck hopes the new order will establish more trust between immigrants and local law enforcement.

“In L.A., we don’t care what color your skin is, where your parents come from or what language you speak. We are your police department,” he said.

Beck is especially concerned about the Latino community, where domestic violence reports are down 10 percent and sexual assault reports are down 25 percent. He believes those declines — larger among Latinos than any other demographic in the city — are a result of people being afraid to call police because of a possible investigation into their immigration status.

“Imagine someone being the victim of domestic violence and not calling the police,” Beck said. “Imagine your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend not reporting sexual assault because they are afraid the family will be torn apart.

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This all begs the question of how US citizens of legal status feel about having their social security pensions they’ve been paying on for the last 30 to 40 years eaten up by the burgeoning hordes of foreign leeches living on taxpayer-funded welfare.

And with the numbers of illegals entering through the wide open borders growing steadily, it’s only a matter of time until California’s coffers are empty and they are forced to go to Trump with their hands out asking for more federal money to stave off bankruptcy.

How defiant will they be then?

Source: Western Journalism

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