Sanctuary California Declares War On President Trump With Shocking Lawsuit Against…

One way to be sure you get a politician’s attention is to threaten to cut of his or her flow of funds. They often sustain their positions in office because of their ability to bring home money to pay welfare benefits, create government jobs, and fund various programs that are popular with the voters. Touch the funds that enable all of this and you will get a prompt and unmistakable reaction.

President Trump has done just this by ordering that specific federal grants be suspended to state and local jurisdictions that adopt “sanctuary” status. Some cities such as Miami, Florida have chosen to abide by federal law and have had their funding restored. Others are far less cooperative. It should come as no surprise that California falls into that latter category.

Government officials in California are furious over President Trump’s crackdown on sanctuary jurisdictions. How concerned these officials really are for the illegal aliens in their midst is debatable, but it’s clear that having their budgets cut is an abomination. How can a state already in financial trouble from years of financial mismanagement be expected to function if $28 million in federal subsidies are cut? So California is doing what it does best: Complain and file lawsuits.

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If a jurisdiction could sue its way to prosperity, no doubt California would be an early adopter of such a program. In any event, the state is suing the Department of Justice in an attempt to get its subsidies restored.

“California is suing the Trump administration for threatening to withhold funds for sanctuary cities, accusing the Justice Department of ‘pure intimidation’ and arguing the state – not the federal government – should be the one to allocate its law enforcement resources.

“‘When President Trump threatened to defund our local law enforcement’s ability to do its job and protect our people, he picked the wrong fight,’ state Attorney General Xavier Becerra said.”

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Becerra sounds pretty tough there. No doubt this is a sound bite for the next election campaign.

“‘It’s a low blow to our brave men and women who wear the badge, and to the communities they serve,’ Becerra said, when announcing the lawsuit.”

Another good sound bite. Someone might point out that this is all terribly one-sided, and that all Becerra has to do is to stop obstructing the federal government in its enforcement of federal immigration statutes, and the problem would go away. Since Becerra and other California officials will not point that out, we will.

Carefully watch the wording in the following statement, and note the subtle error that is deliberately injected.

“‘These conditions do not appear in any federal statue, and they do not reflect the will of Congress in appropriating funds,’ the lawsuit said. ‘To the contrary, the new conditions are simply the latest attempt by the Trump administration to coerce state and local jurisdictions into carrying out the federal government’s immigration enforcement priorities.'”

It’s the last word, “priorities.” The Trump Department of Justice is insisting not that local jurisdictions carry out “priorities,” but rather “laws.” The use of the word “priorities” is deliberate. It is intended to give the impression that President Trump has created a set of priorities divorced from the law, and is punishing jurisdictions for not following his policies which might be considered to be optional.

Not the case. The Department of Justice is seeking to enforce federal law. Leftists states and cities such as those found in California are seeking to obstruct the enforcement of federal law.

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Just to assure our readers that California is not the only place such nonsense can be found, we also have the preposterous case of Chicago, Illinois, run by the infamous former Obama chief of staff Rham Emanuel. He is suing as well. It should be pointed out that his city and the whole state is in such a dire financial crisis that it probably wouldn’t take much of a loss of revenues to push them over the edge.

“The California suit comes on the heels of another filed in early August by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. In that 46-page complaint, Emanuel claimed the DOJ, under the stewardship of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, wants to slap unfair conditions on the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, a long-running federal crime prevention grant.”

The murder rate in Chicago is both a tragedy and a disgrace. And that’s in addition to the obscenely high level of other violent crimes. Yet Mayor Emanuel wants to protect his illegal aliens. Talk about a set of screwed up priorities. But what can you say? The people elected him and now they’ve reaped the fruits of their folly.

“The DOJ fired back at the time, with a department spokeswoman reportedly saying ‘it’s especially tragic that the mayor is less concerned with that staggering figure than he is spending time and taxpayer money protecting criminal aliens.'”

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To bring this back to full-circle, what we are dealing with is a nation-wide movement on the part of the left designed to bring illegal aliens into the country, give them official shelter and welfare benefits, grant them voting rights, and then reap the benefit at the polls.

It does not take much to find more than one violation of the law in that plan. That a court would hear a case that amounts to an attempt to strip the federal government of some of its lawful enforcement powers puts the need for judicial reform on public display.

Sanctuary cities and states are in rebellion against lawful federal statutes and their enforcement. If anyone should be hauled into court it should be the leaders of those jurisdictions obstructing the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

Source: Fox News

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