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With the superiority of the United States Air Force on display in so many milieus around the world, it’s only natural that other powers will wish to show off their own military prowess. Not only is it perceived to be a deterrent, but it also keeps the pilots and commanders in practice for the real thing. In the case of some world powers, the real thing is what they deal with on a regular basis.

The Russians have been working in concert with the Syrian government to ensure that ISIS terrorists are stopped in their tracks. From their participation in the quadrants set aside for themselves and al-Assad’s personal forces to the areas outside the boundaries of Syria (especially in Lebanon where ISIS has been seeking succor), Russia has been charged up and displaying why it is the second most powerful force on the Earth.

This week, in Beirut, the Russian air force showed again why it is nearly as effective as the American Air Force at hunting down Muslim jihadists and utterly destroying their lethal capabilities. The Russian government released a video that shows just how deadly they can be when matched against an inferior force like ISIS!

Independent Journal Review:

Video footage has been released of 200 ISIS terrorists allegedly getting absolutely obliterated by a Russian airstrike in Beirut, Lebanon. According to an official statement made by the Russian Aerospace Forces (RuAF), the strike reportedly took out 20 ISIS SUVs with mounted guns, several armored vehicles (including tanks), and 200 ISIS soldiers.

The first Russian airstrikes appeared to have broken up the ISIS convoy and left stragglers at either end only to be hunted down by the Russian jets.

The Russians have proven that they have the equipment and the means of delivery to keep the ISIS terrorist units in disarray and on the run. With the assistance of their military, as well as the coalition forces, the United States can continue to ensure that the regions surrounding both Iraq and Israel are markedly more safe than if they were not there to assist.

Now that President Trump has settled on a “conditions-on-the-ground” strategy instead a timeline-based one in Afghanistan, it sends a clear message to ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and other off-shoot groups that Americans will not forsake their allies in the region.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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