Do You Agree With Rush Limbaugh, Who Says That Now The Trump White House Owns CNN?

President Trump is probably, and should be, enjoying his day in the sun, after being vindicated from any wrongdoing pertaining to the always alleged but never proven Russian collusion narrative the mainstream media has been pumping out.

Even radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, has noticed the shift in the way the media now act with a Trump administration.

According to Limbaugh, Trump owns CNN, after three employees had to resign when they published another fake news story about the president and his staff without going through the customary verification protocols. The story was later retracted and apologies were given. However, it was too late to prevent the damage to CNN’s reputation, as tarnished as it already is.

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MRC News Busters has more:

As only he could, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh spent large swaths of Wednesday’s program trashing the liberal media and particularly CNN, referring to them as “fools” with “little Jim Acosta” behaving like a cat “chasing the red laser pointer around and bumping into walls and sofa.”

Limbaugh took on CNN from almost the get-go, informing listeners that he’s “sensed a momentum shift, and I continue to see evidence of it” with Tuesday’s White House daily briefing and Sarah Huckabee Sanders holding her ground against Sentinel/Playboy writer Brian Karem.

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Blasting CNN for “now making fools of themselves each and every day, as is a large swath of the Drive-By Media,” Limbaugh astutely noted how he’s exposed this going back decades to the point that it’s blatantly obvious the media “have become the organizing power of the American left.”

“The media is now gobsmacked. They are in the process of humiliating themselves every day. They are embarrassing themselves. The latest example, and it’s glaring, is CNN and the three people that had to resign or quit or whatever over the erroneous story filed about a Trump associate working with banks in Russia. This whole Russia story has simply consumed the media, simply consumed them,” he masterfully added.

Limbaugh praised the “fearless” Huckabee Sanders as someone who “cannot be intimidated” based on her trashing of CNN for their retracted Russia story. 

“There’s no other Republican White House that would ever deal with this like this. This is earth-shattering, it’s precedent setting. And the press of course, after she said that they started erupting and trying to ask the next question, but she held them off and continued,” Limbaugh explained.

Needless to say, she had to have known how the media would react, as evidenced by Karem having “lost his mind over this.”

As for Jim Acosta, Limbaugh hysterically called out Acosta in the same vein that he previously did to Brian Stelter…

And during the Q&A, she opens up with somebody from Breitbart, which also ticked off the media. Our old buddy little Jim Acosta who’s chasing the red laser pointer around and bumping into walls and sofas, he tweeted later (paraphrasing): “This is just unreal. They called on conservatives. They call on conservatives and they won’t call on us. And they call us fake news. Is this America? Is this the Constitution?” Just losing his mind. The Trump White House owns CNN now.

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It’s extremely satisfying to know we have a president and his staff who know how and are willing to take on the leftist media and beat them at their own game.

Past Republican administrations have taken the most inoffensive, milk toast approach to the media and get scorched for their efforts.

Trump isn’t going to back down with MSM. He tells them exactly how dishonest they are and he’s right!

The one thing the mainstream media should take away from all of this is they need to do some serious inner reflecting or public distrust won’t be their biggest worries. Staying in business will!

Source: MRC Newsbusters

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