Guess Who May Be Running Against President Trump In 2020?! It’s Not Maxine Waters, It’s…WHOA!

Now that Hillary Clinton has been soundly defeated in the presidential race, disgraced, the group of potential Democrat candidates that anyone would even consider as contenders in 2020 has narrowed drastically.

Hillary has guaranteed to America that she will not run for president in 2020, which has added quite a bit of intrigue as to who will actually be running in her stead. With 2020 right around the corner, if a Democrat is to show any semblance of a campaign against the president, they would need to get moving now!

So, who will be stepping out into the limelight for the Democrats? Well, it just could be former Vice President, Joe Biden. The 74-year-old has started a political action committee (PAC) to study the possibility of him running for president in 2020. I guess his regrets of not running in 2016 are coming back to haunt him? 

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From Conservative Tribune:

Stock up on Geritol and get ready for some hardcore malapropisms: It appears “Uncle” Joe Biden just took the first steps toward a run at the White House in 2020.

In a Thursday tweetstorm, Biden — a senator from Delaware from 1973 until 2009 and Barack Obama’s only vice president —  announced he was starting his own political action committee, American Possibilities.

The formation of a PAC is often the first step in a potential presidential run. While Biden would be 78 in 2020 (and isn’t exactly known for his mental agility at this stage of the game, anyway), he’s dithered on whether or not he’s going to be throwing his hat in the ring, alternately intimating that he will or he won’t.

The Washington Examiner reported that Biden told a New Hampshire audience  “Guys, I’m not running.”

But Biden later said in a series of tweets:

“Our politics has become too small and petty. We’re better than this,” Biden tweeted. “It’s time to remember who we are as Americans: Giving EVERYONE the opportunity to achieve the impossible.”

Now that Trump has shown what middle America thinks is important, Biden wants a piece of that action too. He stated on the American Possibilities’ webpage.:

“We are the nation that built the Hoover Dam and the Transcontinental Railroad. Landed a man on the moon. Cured polio. Built the internet. Sequenced the human genome. And we will be the nation to end cancer as we know it,” Biden said, taking more bold stands; what politician do you remember who thought polio-curing and moon landings were good things?

“This is the history of the journey of this country: It’s one of ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” the website continues. “I believe that as much today as I did when I got elected to the United States Senate as a 29-year-old kid. But we have to remember who we are. At our best, America has always thought big. That’s why the negativity, the pettiness, the small-mindedness of our politics today drives me crazy. We’re better than this.”

For someone who isn’t running, Biden sure is using the flowery language of a hopeful candidate with aspirations, perhaps even delusions of grandeur. 

Source: Conservative Tribune

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