Rick Perry Defends President, Drops Dynamite Announcement — Sends Americans Into Rounds Of Applause

The issue of global climate change, formerly called global warming, has polarized everybody into two major camps. On the one side are those who’ve totally bought into the hype that we must all pull together and “fix it” before it gets so hot and life cannot survive in the near future. And, on the other side, are the skeptics who think the hype doesn’t match the science.

The Paris Climate Accord, which Obama signed, was intended to deal with the world’s climate problems by having America pump millions of dollars of taxpayer money into the weather control effort.

President Trump saw a big problem with that plan and pulled the US out of the treaty, to which liberals everywhere recoiled in horror. Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry defended Trump’s decision, saying that the deal Obama agreed to left the majority of the cost to be paid by Americans. He firmly believes that what the president did was the right thing!

Rick Perry blasts critics of Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris accord

The Blaze expounds:

Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry wrapped up a trip to Beijing, China, on Thursday where he attended the second annual Mission Innovation meeting to discuss clean energy solutions with some of the world’s top energy leaders.

During his visit, he sat down with a Bloomberg reporter to talk about China, clean energy, and how he felt about President Donald Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris climate accord. Perry didn’t hold back in his response.

“On the Paris climate change accord, you were right to want to stay in, weren’t you? Because it has reduced America’s role and we are seeing China and Europe step into that void now,” the Bloomberg reporter asked him.

“Well, I think it’s rather interesting that those of you who were of the ‘oh you must stay in’ position don’t have a little bit of reality to your view, which is: I could argue it round or square,” Perry responded. “At the end of the day, the administration made the decision — and I agree with it — when you looked at the cost versus the benefit that you were going to get from being in the Paris agreement, it wasn’t worth it.”

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“Jeremy Diamond, Lloyd Blankfein, GM, Ford, Exxon, they’re all wrong on this issue?” the reporter pushed back, but Perry held his ground.

“Yeah, I think they are wrong. I think they’re coming at it from the political side of it rather than the reality side of it,” Perry said. “I look at it from the reality side of it: We’re going to continue to be leaders in clean energy. That’s going to happen.”


It’s good to know Perry is on board with Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris treaty, because Trump needs all the backup support he can get when facing the global community of leeches who are used to America paying for everything.

We are lucky to have both Perry and Trump working for America’s interests, for once!

Source: The Blaze

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