You’ll Never Guess Why Liberals Had To Reschedule Their Climate Change Protest?!

We remember when it was called global warming, and when one of the greatest exponents of the theory, Al Gore was in his prime.

Times have changed. The name is now climate change, and Mr. Gore is claiming the theory is correct even if you cannot see its results.

None of this stops these people, except possibly bad weather. In an act of humiliating irony, nature just threw the organizers of the People’s Climate March a curve. A snowstorm forced the event in Colorado to be postponed.

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Science should be pursued without respect for political ideologies. It’s a difficult enough discipline without polluting it with political agendas. Unfortunately, with the federal government financing much scientific research, including at the universities, political meddling is inevitable.

So it’s more than entertaining when the People’s Climate March “on Saturday had to be cancelled after weather forecasters expected heavy snowfall and blizzard-like conditions. There was actually only a few inches of snow that fell in the Colorado Springs area, but more than a foot of it fell in other parts all around the state.”

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Here’s how the organizers spun the cancellation. “Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball! We know we aren’t in the business of risking anyone’s safety. Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow.”
Illustrating how liberal politics has intruded on science, “it was supported by hundreds of thousands across the country and tens of thousands just in Washington. But do you know who sponsored the events? Yup! You guessed it! Environmental groups, labor unions and social justice groups.”
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Those participating in this rally should come as no surprise, and included “former Vice President Al Gore, as well as the outed phony climate alarmist, Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.”
There are so many advocacy groups involved, so many celebrities talking as though they understand the science, and such enormous sums of government funding involved, that getting any sort of objective scientific reports on which policy can be based is impossible.
Instead, this is going to continue to be a battle not over science, but over politics. And if the issue is that serious, that’s a tragedy.
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