You Won’t Believe Which Republican Governor Signed Sanctuary State Law, President Trump Speechless

It’s nothing new to see divisions within political parties. Some are minor. Others are profound and long-lasting. They all have the possibility of dividing the electorate making it much more difficult for candidates within such a divided party to win elections. And should such a party find itself in the majority in one of the houses of government, it will make governing a problem.

Such is the situation in which both the Democrats and Republicans find themselves. Since the Republicans control both houses of Congress and the White House, their divisions are more obvious at this time. However, the divisions have also been apparent at the state level as well. The divisive issue of sanctuary jurisdictions, on which the left has lined up solidly in support, just got some help from what many would think is an unexpected source.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois has just signed a bill turning Illinois into a sanctuary state. With close to 500,000 illegal aliens in his state this is no minor act. Regardless of his motives, this portends disaster for the Republican Party in Illinois as well as for the people of that state who will suffer under such an unwise law.

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“Rauner signed the Illinois TRUST Act, which prevents law enforcement agencies and officials from detaining individuals solely on the basis of immigration detainers or administrative warrants and also puts limitations on the ways immigration agents can operate within the state of Illinois.”

Rauner sounds like he simply erred and wound up in the wrong party. He’d make a fine Democrat, at least on the basis of this action.

“What the TRUST Act will do, specifically

“‘Provides that a law enforcement agency or official shall not detain or continue to detain any individual solely on the basis of any immigration detainer or administrative warrant, or otherwise comply with an immigration detainer or administrative warrant after that individual becomes eligible for release from custody.'”

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And the rest of the story:

“Law enforcement shall not:

  1. Give any immigration agent access to any individual
  2. Transfer any person into an immigration agent’s custody
  3. Permit immigration agents use of agency facilities or equipment for investigative purposes in immigration enforcement operations
  4. Respond to immigration agent inquiries regarding any individual’s incarceration status that’s not public information”

And with the stroke of the pen, aided by the legislature, Governor Rauner turned his whole state into a sanctuary state.

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Who knows what the governor is thinking. Could he really believe in such a law? It’s possible. Does he not realize that this will not be the end of it, but that there will be efforts to give these illegal aliens voting rights, in which case he will have eventually upped the number of Democratic voters in his state by almost 500,000?

The governor should probably switch his party affiliation to Democrat, as after these illegals get voting rights, that will probably be the party to win all state-wide contests until the Democrats manage to do something even more stupid.

Source: The Blaze

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