Shock Poll Stuns Liberals! Just Forced To Eat Every Trump-Hating Word They’ve Said!

While the liberal left is busy protesting President Donald Trump for being well, Donald Trump, the rest of the country is settling in and watching him orchestrate the main reason they voted him into office. Plan: Make America Great Again by putting America First!

The lefties are all caught up inventing new allegations, new horrors, and new accusations, without any documentation to use. They attempted to try the Hillary’s “fake news” campaign rhetoric, which was nothing more than slanders the Democratic National Committee invented out of thin air.

But all of the caterwauling the left is doing cannot detract from one indisputable fact: Trump’s approval numbers are up and rising according to Rasmussen Reports!

From Breitbart:

In the four days since his inauguration on Jan. 20, President Trump’s approval index has boomed upward a whopping seven points. Back on January 20—Inauguration Day—Trump’s approval index was plus two points. Now, four days later, it’s plus nine points—after being plus four points on Monday.

At this time, 42 percent of the nation strongly approves of what President Trump is doing, while only 33 percent strongly disapprove—and overall, 57 percent approve of the president, while just 43 percent disapprove.

Breitbart revealed the reasons for Trump’s spiking approval ratings:

Trump’s approval rating boom comes after a series of executive actions including one that killed the highly unpopular multinational Pacific Rim trade deal the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one that reinstated the Mexico City policy of international organizations that receive federal funding being prevented from conducting abortions, and a hiring freeze on federal workers except for in the military.

All of that is in addition to other executive actions targeting the individual mandate in Obamacare and another that puts a freeze on new federal regulations—as well as new ones opening up the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline, along with plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Trump’s efforts have earned him early crucial praise from labor union leaders like the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka and the Teamsters’ Jimmy Hoffa.

It appears the real reason for President Trump’s boom in popularity has to do with him dismantling Obama’s entire presidency one piece at a time and proving just how destructive he was to America.

Indeed, Obama did more to undermine America’s foundations in his two terms than any other politician or group of politicians have done since the beginning of this nation.

It is wonderfully satisfying watching Trump undo it all too!

Source: Breitbart

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