JUST IN: Radical Obama/Democrat Organization Exposed…Even Trump Is Reeling!

As most Americans would deem the Obama Administration to be a disastrous eight years, supporters do not see Barack Obama as a failure at all. Instead, they view him rather as a champion of the hard left who was obstructed by right.

He did push forward racial agendas, open immigration policies, and climate-control efforts, all of which are sacred to the left. He is also strongly pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, two more of the left’s holiest of causes. Add in his aggressive redistributionist tax policies, and he’s got the radical left in the palm of his hand.

Finally, Mr. Obama has been well schooled in the Saul Alinsky variety of political agitation. In fact, he’s no doubt much more effective as an organizer and motivator of radical leftists than he ever was as a political office holder. And therein lies the danger for our country.

The name of the organization to watch is “Organizing for Action.” This is Mr. Obama’s child, and his purpose is to train tens of thousands of radical liberal activists. “Paul Sperry [of the New York Post] told Lou Dobbs that Obama has already trained tens of thousands of organizers in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps. He calls it a ‘shadow government,’ with nefarious plans to hit Republicans at their town hall meetings coming up during the spring break.”

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Sperry continued: “These are professionally trained radicals. They are schooled in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals tactics in a program that lasts six weeks. And that’s about 32,000 people who have gone through that, over 32,000. Another 25,000 are under training now. And they have another training seminar coming up in March.”

Obama is also pushing for the election of his former labor secretary, Tom Perez, to be the next DNC chair, a position it is reported that Obama hopes to use to launch a Perez campaign for president, thereby replacing Donald Trump with someone with views almost identical to Obama’s. No doubt Mr. Perez would be expected to return the favor and appoint Obama to the position of his choosing, thereby cementing his return to power.

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Unlike Hillary, Mr. Obama should still have plenty of miles left in his political career. As a relatively young former president, he should be able to make an impact for decades to come, assuming he is able to amass the support and funding. He has strong appeal to those on the left, in spite of his accomplishing very little during his presidency that has a chance of lasting.

As impressive and as frightening as all of this might seem, it must be remembered how President Trump got elected. The hotbeds of leftist politics such as the major cities of states like California, Massachusetts, and New York went strongly for Hillary, and Trump still won an impressive majority of Electoral College votes. Any additional strength in those states is worthless for a Democrat since all it does is rack up additional useless popular votes in states that are likely not going to go Republican in the Electoral College anyway.

The likelihood of Mr. Obama marching into the red states with Mr. Perez and his army of hard-core leftist radicals and flipping those states blue in the Electoral College is only possible at the margins – those swing states that went for Trump. There’s where the battle must be fought.

So let there be no sense of intimidation as Mr. Obama plans his return to power via Mr. Perez and a few tens of thousands of hard-core leftist radicals. For now, the best plan is to continue to support President Trump as he seeks to MAGA.

Source: Mad World News

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