Radical Muslim Terrorist Calls For Jihad On President Trump, Didn’t Realize Her Big Mistake Until It Was Too Late

Muslim organizations operating in the United States would like us to believe that they are simply support groups for Muslims living here. Or perhaps they are merely watchdogs to prevent religious discrimination or persecution against followers of Islam. They deny that there is any concerted effort to convert the US into a Muslim nation.

While they certainly do advocate on behalf of the rights of Muslims to enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of Americans, that’s not all they do. There is a real effort by groups including the the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to accomplish goals such as having Sharia law accepted by our court system. In fact, some of these groups are doing no less than waging a culture war against prevailing western values and legal traditions.

Linda Sarsour would be an example of an individual pursuing the Islamification of our culture. She is openly advocating a from of jihad, or holy war, against both America and President Trump. This is not to say she is openly promoting violence. But at the same time, she is proposing an aggressive effort to turn the whole of the United States into a Muslim community. Fortunately, a Jewish protest group formed outside one of her events. And it rightly called her out for her anti-Semitic beliefs and speech.

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“Praising the murderers and terrorists in Palestine, who kill innocent people all while using their own children as human shields by hiding in hospitals and schools, this woman [Sarsour] has exposed how sick and twisted her opinions are. Being here in America, though, her main focus is taking down the U.S., President Donald Trump, and every infidel in this ‘godforsaken’ land.

“In fact, that was her main talking points at a little shindig she put together recently as she gathered Muslims and liberal apologists to The New School University in Manhattan, New York, for a book signing where she decided to spew her rhetoric. Talking about a variety of issues, it seems that the decimation of the U.S. is priority number one as she called for jihad here in America.”

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Much to her dismay, freedom of speech in America is a right her opponents have as well. This means the right to speak in opposition to her words of condemnation of America and of Donald Trump. In fact, it is imperative that she not be given a free ride to say whatever she wishes without be challenged. And this is what happened.

“According to The Gateway Pundit, Jewish conservative journalist Laura Loomer was in the crowd and decided to give the Muslim extremist a piece of her mind. Even better yet, she wasn’t alone as about 50 other Jewish students of the university had joined her to protest the extremist’s presence on campus.

“Too bad for Sarsour, Loomer wasn’t about to let the opportunity go to waste and just sit outside screaming. Instead, she went inside to confront the Muslim woman.”

Whether Sarsour gets much traction with the hateful vitriol she directs at western culture, the United States, its traditions, and its president remains to be seen. It might be a popular message among Muslims, but it is not going to go over well with the vast majority of Americans. Perhaps she can get her allies on the left excited, but that might be about it.

Nevertheless, we must not let down our guard. She, and those like her, must have their views accurately and vigorously exposed and opposed. This is not something to be left to others.

We will not all have the opportunities to confront Sarsour and her ilk as did Laura Loomer.  Yet we can and must be prepared to confront radical Islamists such as Sarsour at any opportunity. Our nation may depend on it.

Source: Mad World News

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