Radical Muslim Swings Knife At Victim — IMMEDIATELY Gets Brutal Infidel Surprise!

Part of the concern non-Muslims have with those who practice that faith is the relative unpredictability of an encounter with a Muslim. Will this individual be peaceful and cordial, or are you about to encounter a radical jihadist?

You don’t know, and your life could depend on the answer to that question.

A man exiting a Paris store with a six-pack of beer was accosted by a Muslim man threatening him with a knife. Fortunately, the knife attack failed as the victim managed to get out of the way so he was not struck in the neck by the knife. What surprised this Muslim attacker was the reaction of other non-Muslims who came to the victim’s defense and sent the assailant reeling.

Muslim Pulls Knife On Infidel Making Beer Run, Discovers Allah's No Match For Booze

“According to online newspaper Le Point, a man was leaving Monoprix supermarket in the 13th municipality of Paris when he became the target of jihad. The unnamed man was captured on surveillance footage walking out of the supercenter when an unidentified Muslim man pulled a large knife from his djellaba, a robe traditionally worn by Arab and North African men, and lunges at the beer-toting infidel.

“In what could be described as a miracle, the man dodges the Muslim’s advances, ducking just in time for the blade to miss his neck, barely grazing his back. The victim’s confidante then grabs the Muslim attacker by the throat and shoves him back as they too narrowly avoid being slashed.”

People, even those who are disposed to being peaceful, will finally get pushed too far and will have enough of being intimidated by migrants who denigrate their culture and demand that it be changed. Perhaps there are some in Europe who are waking up. Hopefully, some in America will do so as well.

“French media report that it was merely thanks to the victim’s quick reflexes and the bold reaction from his friends that saved him from possible death. However, it could be speculated that because it is the month of Ramadan and the man has been identified as a Muslim resident, his pathetic attack and timid retreat may have been due to daily fasting. Of course, these infidels were intimidating on their own, as all 3 of them seem to be unfazed by the failed jihadist’s long knife, despite being unarmed themselves.”

We don’t care about Ramadan or anything else to do with Islam. But we do care very much about our God-given freedoms that are guaranteed protection from infringement by our Constitution. We are not willing to give them up just to placate some religious zealots who want to tell free people how to live their lives under threat of violence.

If Muslims don’t want to drink beer until after sunset during Ramadan, that’s their business. If they don’t want to be around others who do, then they can go back to whatever Islamic paradise they came from. And until they do, they best not get tickets to a baseball game.

Source: Mad World News

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