BREAKING! Racist, Radical Left Makes STUNNING Demand! “White People To Pay For…”

Far from being a time of healing, the Obama administration actually inflamed racial tensions. The Black Lives Matter movement, birthed during his presidency and fueled in part by funding from George Soros, has created racial stresses in American society. And that’s only one example of Mr. Obama’s negative influence on this country.

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Even though Mr. Obama is no longer president, his legacy lives on in absurd proposals that must have as their purpose the stoking of racial tensions, since they have no chance of becoming law. Each claim becomes more bizarre than the previous making one wonder where and when this will all end.

We’ve seen the proposals for payment of reparations to African-Americans to be funded by the US government. Now a gentlemen by the name of Shawn King has posted an article where he claims that, “It’s irrefutable, white people are privileged. Recognition of this basic fact of life is not enough. It’s time to take action to level the economic playing field. At a time when PoC (person of color) is still tremendously disadvantaged, despite the best efforts of affirmative action policies, something else must be done.”

That “something else” he wants done is as unjust and absurd as all the other such proposals. “To even the playing field, the privileged should pay more. I don’t know how much more, but it must be more. Let’s start at 5% as if centuries of subjugation could ever be righted by such a minuscule percentage. Certainly, the privileged can stand to spare 5% with all of their economic advantages.”

No damage will be done by these proposals themselves since they are not going anywhere. The real damage comes from the continuing incitement by leftist activists in order to have a cause they can promote. Or, perhaps one more cause they can add to their arsenal of weapons deployed against the social fabric of America.

America practiced slavery until 150 years ago. Discriminatory practices existed long after slavery was abolished. The civil rights movement of the 1960’s is now fifty years in our past. Rather than inciting racial tensions, it would be nice for those who claim to be the heirs of Dr. Martin Luther King to build on the progress he and others made. Unfortunately, that is not what liberals wish to do as we have just seen once again.

The latest effort to incite racial tensions comes in the form of proposals for reparations to be paid to African Americans for the past injustices related to slavery and subsequent decades of racial discrimination. While not denying the evil of such injustices, these proposals are so unworkable and unjust, that their real purpose must be to serve as tools to stir up racial tensions to the benefit of the leftist organizations behind them.

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Trying to hold some people responsible today for what happened during slavery is absurd. To begin with, it demands that people living today pay for the sins of their ancestors who lived at least 150 years ago.  Even if reparations in this case were just, which they are not, not every white person has relatives who were in any way involved in slavery. Neither were all African-Americans negatively impacted. Hence, it would be utterly impossible to implement such a scheme. But that doesn’t stop racial agitators from trying.

That’s what this is about. Nobody expects such nonsense to become law. But what the left does expect is that by raising these issues they can convince segments of American society that they are victims and thus ally themselves with the leftist groups responsible for creating this turmoil.

The real disgrace here is that there are those who would take advantage of past injustices to serve their own selfish ends today.

Source: Right Wing News

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