Special Counsel Investigating President Trump Has Sick, Radical Islam Skeleton In His Closet!

I’m sure criminals would much prefer it if all law enforcement agencies were ordered to remove any information and training materials used to help them combat crime. That would make it so much easier for the criminals to get away with their robberies, thefts, and murders.

But what law enforcement agency would implement such a ridiculous and irresponsible policy? Well apparently the FBI did, under Barack Obama’s direction, and the radical Muslims are very appreciative.

The new Special Counsel appointed to investigate President Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia is none other than Obama’s former FBI Chief, Robert Mueller. Mueller, who kissed up to the Islamists during his tenure by removing all anti-terrorism training material that was seen as “offensive” to Muslims.

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Gateway Pundit explains:

According to Judicial Watch, Mueller spent a lot of his time as FBI Director “bent over backwards” to make sure questionable Muslim groups felt comfortable and happy. He caved to their demands on numerous occasions.

Mueller met with CAIR and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both of whom were unindicted co-conspirators in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case.

CAIR has been a terrorist front group for quite a while and was founded in 1994 by radical Middle Eastern extremists who ran the “American propaganda wing of Hamas, known then as the Islamic Association for Palestine”.

Judicial Watch stated in an excerpt:

The records obtained as part of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit show that Mueller, who served 12 years as FBI chief, met with the Islamic organizations on February 8, 2012 to hear their demands. Shortly later the director assured the Muslim groups that he had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices nationwide. The purge was part of a broader Islamist operation designed to influence the opinions and actions of persons, institutions, governments and the public at-large. The records obtained by Judicial Watch also show similar incidents of Islamic influence operations at the Departments of Justice and State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Obama White House.

Here are some of the reasons provided by Mueller’s FBI for getting rid of “offensive” training documents: “Article is highly inflammatory and inaccurately argues the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.” It’s crucial to note that Mueller himself had previously described the Muslim Brotherhood as a group that supports terrorism in the U.S. and overseas when his agency provided this ludicrous explanation. Here’s more training material that offended the terrorist groups, according to the FBI files provided to Judicial Watch: An article claiming Al Qaeda is “clearly linked” to the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing; The Qur’an is not the teachings of the Prophet, but the revealed word of God; Sweeping generality of ‘Those who fit the terrorist profile best (for the present at least) are young male immigrants of Middle Eastern appearance;’ conflating Islamic Militancy with terrorism. The list goes on and on.

Judicial Watch has the full report here.

So, the person being assigned the task of uncovering the truth about alleged wrongdoings of President Trump and his staff is himself an individual with a questionable past. One might even consider him and his actions to be anti-American.

Certainly, he could be considered as sympathetic to those who want to overthrow the American government and institute Islamic Sharia law under a world Islamic Caliphate.

At the very least, the man isn’t trustworthy and at worst he’s a traitor!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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