Whoa! See Who Isn’t Hesitating To Pursue, Press Charges Against Hillary!

I had my brush with Judge Andrew Napolitano when he was a judge in the Supreme Court in Hackensack, New Jersey, when I was attempting to change my adoptive father’s name back to my birth name. He watched me in the audience seating for a full two hours as he heard other cases, wondering if I was a student doing law research.

It wasn’t until he called me into his chambers after recess that he came to realize that I was there for one of the dockets. He was very kind and was impressed that I was representing myself and had done my own research in the law library before presenting. He spoke to me for about 15 minutes and then signed the order for my name change. Very fun time!

Judge Napolitano hasn’t been an actual judge for a while and his gig at Fox News Channel is a great one. Recently, however, he has been outspoken on one particular subject that has roiled the Left and had the RINOs in Congress standing up and taking notice (and not in a good way). The Judge is calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to press charges against Hillary Clinton!

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The Gateway Pundit:

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Stuart Varney today on FOX Business Network that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a “truckload of materials” that “paint a picture of a mountain load of guilt.”

Judge Napolitano: What is new is that there are new emails that were obtained by a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch which the State Department in the Obama administration and the Trump administration declined to turn over… We are the only ones that are talking about this.

…Is this enough to cause Jeff Sessions to present the evidence against her for the misuse of state secrets to a grand jury? Absolutely! Do they need a special prosecutor? No they don’t!… Actually he (AG Sessions) doesn’t have to investigate. He has a truckload of materials that the FBI accumulated under Jim Comey which paints a picture of a mountain-load of her guilt.

Do it, Jeff Sessions! Indict that crook!

Now one ever doubted that Hillary Clinton was guilty, or that Bill Clinton’s little clandestine visit to her tiny jet on the tarmac in Phoenix was anything other than a stern finger wagging and a message of “We put you in this position, and we can take you out.”

However, knowing that the Clintons are guilty, and actually having anyone go after them are two different things.

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Does anyone really believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will ever go after a fellow ex-senator? And even though the Democrats broke that tradition by having Cory Booker stand up there at Sessions’ confirmation hearing and calling him a racist and that he wouldn’t vouch for him, Sessions is a man who won’t do the same to Clinton.

Source:  The Gateway Pundit

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