Pulitzer Prize Author Digs Sick Skeleton Out Of Obama’s Closet, Americans In Complete Shock

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really do have much in common, and it’s more than just their political beliefs. Sure, they are both leftists, but it goes deeper. They both believe that they have not been responsible for the problems they’ve experienced. These are just different manifestation of the same liberal ideology. They believe that their problems are the fault of someone else, or society, or whatever. Sometimes they are right. But far too often this is used as an excuse for their own failings, such as is the case with Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

With Hillary, it’s misogyny. With Obama, it appears to be racism.

For an African-American man who graduated from one of the best law schools in the nation, then served as a senator and as president, it’s hard to see where his life was held back by much of anything. Yet he apparently believes that America is a racist nation.

David Garrow has been working on a biography of Mr. Obama for eight years. Reportedly, “Garrow conducted 1,000 interviews for his soon-to-be released book on Obama. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for his biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “

He sounds like a very qualified author and researcher. Breitbart furnishes some glimpses into what can be expected in this forthcoming biography. For one thing, his “book about former President Barack Obama claims that Obama once called America ‘a racist society’ in an unpublished manuscript from his law school days.”

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Continuing, Mr. Garrow “said he uncovered lots of revelations about the former U.S. president during his research for the book, the Daily Mail reported.” He also “told the Jamie Weinstein Show that if any of those revelations he discovered surfaced during Obama’s presidential run in 2008, the former president’s candidacy would have been derailed.”

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Call it “identity politics,” or “race-baiting” – it just gets old. Especially from someone who has had such an incredible career in public life as Mr. Obama has.

Of course there are racists in America, that’s not the point. The point is that calling America a “racist society” empowers those such as Mr. Obama and Mr. Sharpton by giving them a cause to which they can rally supporters. In Mr. Obama’s case and others with similar motives, allegations of racism provide them with political power.

Hence the very thing they rail against is the imagined evil they use for self-promotion. So who are the real racists?

Source: Right Wing News

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