Public School Surrenders Completely To Sharia Law. You Won’t Believe What Children Are Forced To Do!

Once upon a time the left railed against the alleged mingling of church and state, especially in the public schools. Tragically, and ironically, they have no such objection to the injection of Islamic religious teaching into those same public schools.

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It’s not like the left and Islam have much in common other than their disdain for conservative Christians. Just ask both groups to make a list of social issues and their respective positions on them and you’ll see they profoundly differ on matters such as gay rights, feminism, and women’s rights in general. Even the freedom to choose clothing styles will turn up differences.

Nevertheless, the liberals are intent on promoting Islam and its Sharia Law. It’s absurd and offensive to our western culture and our Constitution, but we have never accused leftist thought and practice of making sense or being a benefit to society. Yet the effects of installing Sharia Law in the public schools is an outrage, and has a terrible affect on the children, as they are now forced to allow Muslims ‘safe spaces’ plus take a class on Islam.

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As we so often see with programs originating from the left, this Islamic indoctrination program is being pushed as a proper response to an alleged problem – in this case, Muslim students being bullied. “‘A report released by CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations] that year found 55 percent of American Muslim students surveyed in California said they were bullied because on their religion, which was twice as high as the national statistic of students reporting being bullied at school,’ reports the San Diego Tribune.”

The report then goes on to list only seven instances of bullying due to faith during the last half of 2016 without listing what faith was involved. Hence the indoctrination of students with Islamic teachings is an alleged solution to a problem that does not exist. Instead it’s just plain subterfuge employed by CAIR, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, to indoctrinate students with Islamic teachings.

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Hanif Mohebia, who is the Executive Director of CAIR in San Diego where this outrage is occurring is reported by The San Diego Union Tribune to have said, “If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program.”

Still, the idiot liberal teachers took the bait, and now, they are making sure the kids will be indoctrinated into all things relating to Islam. Muslim students will now be provided with “safe spaces,” even as Christian students are forbidden to hold prayer gatherings on school grounds, and if that isn’t sick enough, students will be required to take lessons on Islam even though there are no classes teaching Christianity.

What’s next? Forcing all to pray to Allah?

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Source: Mad World News

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