Public School Instructs Student To Answer THESE Test Questions! What She Was Just Forced To Write Is Shocking!

Rebecca Ann was surprised when her daughter came home upset after her vocabulary test.  When she discovered these Anti Trump questions from a public school test  — she was in SHOCK!

“She was clearly upset over Trump winning the election that she thought it would be OK to expose our children to her views.”

“19. It was difficult for me to APPREHEND my feeling when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45th President.”

This public school teacher allowed her anti-Trump agenda to get in the way of actually teaching proper vocabulary, and she created fill-in-the-blank questions that encourage anti-Trump sentiments and violence.
American Conservative Herald reached out to her mother, as she posted it on Facebook with these concerns:

As conservatives, we take careful measures to ensure our family budgets are used in the best and most efficient manner. When we see our taxpayers funds be given to those who misuse them, it is time to hold them accountable.

“I find #9, #15 and all the Trump questions at the bottom disturbing. Our children do not need to have their teachers political views thrown at them in school.” 

Click Here for the full test in question.

Many of the questions listed on this test are downright terrifying.

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I have heard she has made comments in class about Trump from other parents that have students in this class…”

It is beyond upsetting that public school teachers feel that they have a right to use their platform as a leader to young minds to encourage students to lean one political way or another.

“My daughter knew it wasn’t right and told me as soon as she took the test. Our family supports President Trump 100% but even if this was the other way around I still would have posted the test on Facebook. Political views are not for school especially from a staff member.” 

At this point we do not know if the teacher, or teachers involved in creating this test will be held accountable. 

“I have spoke to Jennifer Orlos who is in charge of all the middle schools in Plainfield IL. She responded to me right away. I have yet to hear or get an apology from the teacher or the school. I am still waiting to hear if there will be any consequences for this teacher or if it will just be a slap on the hand…”

Let us hope that the district will investigate and speak to the teachers at hand and hold them accountable. It is completely unacceptable that they can get away with subliminal messages about their political views on vulnerable minds.

If you believe we shouldn’t be spreading anti-Trump propaganda in public school classrooms…

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