California Just Drove Off A Liberal Cliff — Promises Every Illegal…

The long and short of the illegal alien situation in this country is that Democrats, in an already rapidly shrinking voter base, cannot afford to lose an illegal alien constituency even if said constituency is not legally allowed to vote. Just in the state of New Hampshire alone, the Electoral Integrity Commission has already revealed that at the very least, the US Senate race there was thrown to the Democrats through voter fraud by at least a total in excess of 5K votes. Additionally, it’s apparent that Hillary Clinton may also have won the state’s Electoral Votes thanks to the same fraudulent votes.

Republicans on the other hand are against the granting of a blanket amnesty over these illegals. The Establishment RINO is a different animal altogether, wanting amnesty very much so if only for its Chamber of Commerce cronies, lobbyists and donors.

When it comes to sanctuary cities, there are over 300 in this country in 32 states. Of those, 142 of them are actively opposing the federal government’s enforcement of the Immigration Laws. Kevin de Leon, President pro tempore of the California General Assembly, who is a well-known opponent of illegal prosecution and famously stands in opposition to labeling the theft of Social Security Numbers by illegals a felony because he “personally knows people, even in my family, who have stolen Social Security Numbers and I don’t see a problem with it. You need those to survive as an illegal in this country.”

De Leon and Governor Jerry Brown have gotten together and crafted a bill that would officially label California as a sanctuary state, thereby promising every illegal protection from federal law! What’s more, the state’s police officers and sheriffs are barred by the state’s authority from cooperating with federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to locate and prosecute those convicted felons who are in this country illegally! With Jerry Brown on the short list for the Democrat Party presidential nominee in 2020, it’s no wonder that he signed the bill into law yesterday!

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The Hill:

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said Thursday that he signed legislation to bar state law enforcement officials from enforcing federal immigration law, making the state a sanctuary for immigrants in the country illegally.

The measure, passed last month by the overwhelmingly Democratic California legislature, will bar California police and sheriffs from asking about a detainee’s immigration status. It will also block those agencies from complying with detainer requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

An estimated 65 percent of all deportations result from cooperation between state and local law enforcement and federal ICE and Customs and Border Protection officers. The new law, dubbed the California Values Act, requires schools, health facilities and court houses to establish policies limiting immigration enforcement that may be executed on their premises.

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Brown had been expected to sign the law after he and its prime sponsor, state Senate President Kevin de Leon (D), hammered out an agreement to give law enforcement agencies more discretion about when they could notify federal immigration officials about convicted offenders in their custody. 

De Leon said the measure was needed, especially as the Trump administration ramps up immigration enforcement measures, which de Leon calls “a mass deportation strategy.”

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The Hill, which is a far-Left rag in lock-step with the DNC ensures that Keven de Leon’s extreme Liberal views are not included in this piece and it’s important that Americans understand his radical behavior. In his mind, the illegals who are here in this country, regardless of their felony conviction status, are ENTITLED to be here and cannot be legally required to leave. In fact, he has gone so far as to say that he doesn’t consider the identity theft and purchasing of fraudulent state documents to be a crime, admitting that even his own family members are illegals using said IDs and stolen numbers in these felony offenses.

For a sitting politician to admit these things on radio interviews and in newspapers and still be able to serve the community is unconscionable. Why a Department of Justice investigation has not yet been opened into this man’s background and his personal actions is beyond the pale. He openly and blatantly flouts US Federal Immigration Laws and felony-offense worthy actions such as the theft of Social Security Numbers from mostly legal Hispanic citizens in Puerto Rico without even the semblance propriety or respect for other people’s rights to their privacy and security and now he is writing California laws that give a big middle finger to the American majority.  It’s understandable that an Obama DOJ under Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch would never want to pursue such an investigation, but if Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not pursue this, it should be petitioned and heavily covered by media outside the Fake News Industrial Complex!

Source:  The Hill

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