Pro-Life Clinics Forced To Promote Abortions, Planned Parenthood? Guess What Happens If They Refuse?

Pro-lifers oppose abortion because it trivializes life in the womb. Our Founding Fathers were insistent that Americans were to be allowed to pursue life, liberty and happiness. And life begins while any mother is expecting.

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But some members of humanity being the rebellious creatures they are, will always find ways of getting around these fundamental truths when it concerns large amounts of money being spent for abortions.

Currently, the state of Hawaii is proposing a law to force crisis pregnancy centers who wish to offer women alternatives other than abortion, to post a notice that abortion is an alternative or face fines.

Right Wing News reported:

Hawaii is poised to pass a law that would require crisis pregnancy centers to advertise abortions. Only 10 out of 51 Hawaiian state representatives oppose the bill, so it will be sent to the state Senate for a review of the amendments before heading to Hawaiian Governor David Ige, a Democrat.

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Any crisis pregnancy center that offered services like ultrasounds would be forced to post and distribute the following message:

Hawaii has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, including, but not limited to, all FDA-approved methods of contraception and pregnancy-related services for eligible women.

To apply online for medical insurance coverage, that will cover the full range of family planning and prenatal care services, go to

Only ultrasounds performed by qualified healthcare professionals and read by licensed clinicians should be considered medically accurate.

Any center that doesn’t comply would be fined $500 the first time and $1,000 each subsequent time.

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At least one lawmaker pointed out the purpose of the bill was to protect profits.
 “Ultimately, what was the whole point of this whole thing? Where did it come from? Why is it even before us? It’s before us because there’s Christian centers that offer alternatives to abortion,” Rep. Bob McDermott said. “They don’t believe in abortion. So, a woman comes in there and they’re encouraging, they offer alternatives but they don’t do abortions. And that’s what this is about. … The young lady will not have the abortion—she won’t—and Planned Parenthood loses money.”

Others have pointed out that the bill is a gross violation of free speech, even just in the process of sending the bill through the state legislature, where pro-lifers have not been allowed to give their testimony opposing the bill. But then, as pro-abortion lawmaker Joy San Buenaventura said herself, it’s all about preserving money for abortion clinics.

Any time an issue becomes politicized, the rule of thumb is “follow the money” to find out who is profiting or benefiting from the passage of  any tyrannical  law that forces people to violate their religious conscience.

Source: Right Wing News

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