It’s National Puppy Day — These 10 Presidential Pups Are TOO CUTE TO HANDLE!

March 23 is National Puppy Day!

And what better way to celebrate than to list our top ten favorite pups with their First Families!

10. Liberty

Image result for liberty gerald ford

Liberty, a Golden Retriever, kept President Gerald Ford company in the Oval Office. What a perfect name for a presidential pup!


9. Victory

Image result for victory golden retrievers reagan

Another fantastic name for a first dog! Another golden retriever, this puppy kept the Reagans busy! Victory was one of many pets the Reagans owned.


8. Rob Roy

Image result for calvin coolidge dogs

Again, one pup out of many pets that Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, owned. But this white collie has stolen our hearts as it relaxes in front of the First Family.


7. Dash

This collie was owned by President Benjamin Harrison. This is probably one of the earliest photographs that we have of the First Furry Friends.


6. Him and Her

Image result for lbj him and her

I will admit, as a beagle owner, I wanted these pups to be #1. How can you not love this food-motivated, energetic souls?! LBJ loved this breed.


5. Rex

Image result for rex reagan

I know, I know, another Reagan pooch. But the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is one of the sweetest. The perfect lap dog!


4. Barney

Image result for gw bush dog barney

George W. Bush’s Scottish terrier was clearly running the show!


3. Grits

Image result for jimmy carter dog

What a perfect name for a southern First Family such as the Carters! A beautiful border collie!


2. Feller

Image result for harry s truman dog

Harry S. Truman’s cocker spaniel. Heart officially melted!


1. Millie

Image result for george hw bush millie

The springer spaniel owned by George H.W. and Barbara Bush.

Any presidential pups we missed? Comment below!


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