Do You Support President Trump’s ICE Agents?

The US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not the easiest government job. While most of us think that a lot of federal employees live in cushy jobs, the role of an ICE is to come face to face with criminals on a daily basis and work either to deport an illegal alien, or pick up detained illegals and coordinate with local law enforcement to schedule these pick-ups.

On top of facing deadly criminals on a daily basis, these ICE agents also have to deal with liberal, lackadaisical local police who want to defy President Trump and defend their sanctuary city. In the case of our story today, an illegal was released on bail by a sanctuary city, only to murder his girlfriend in cold blood two weeks later. Had the law enforcement allowed ICE to come in and deport this criminal, one citizen would still be alive.

So what do you think? Given the hard job these agent do to help promote the president’s plan to deport all illegal aliens, do you support President Trump’s ICE?

Make your voice heard!

Do You Support President Trump's ICE Agents?

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