President Trump Unleashes Hell At Border…Illegals Are In Blind Panic!

When you take a look at the results that the agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement achieve, it’s clear that this is one area where our tax dollars are well spent. And now that we have an administration that wishes to enforce the law, we are getting even more for our money.

Imagine the reduction in illegal immigration that will be realized by an invigorated ICE combined with a border wall. We will keep innumerable criminals out of our country. And while many of those seeking entry to the US are otherwise honest, peaceful folks looking for work they cannot find in Mexico, far too many are violent criminals. They must be arrested and deported.

And lest those on the left wish to accuse us of exaggerating things, ICE just caught 70 illegals crossing our border who have criminal records. Point made.

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“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept through Southern Texas and Oklahoma in search of immigrants who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, the Associated Press reports.

“The sweep happened Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“According to federal authorities, ICE arrested 70 individuals, nearly all of whom have a history of criminal activity. Immigration agents have made it a priority to target those who have committed crimes in the U.S. or have attempted to re-enter the U.S. after previously being deported.

“Some of the histories of those detained include sexual assault, distribution of a controlled substance, prostitution and burglary.”

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This is no isolated incident. Under the utterly derelict Obama administration, illegals were allowed to pour into our country.

With a president who intends to empower subordinates to actually enforce the law, we are getting results as violent criminals are finding it increasingly difficult to gain entry to the US and to remain here.

“Since President Donald Trump has taken office, illegal border crossings are down more than 60 percent.”

What the liberals need to do is to abandon their dangerous and illegal open borders and sanctuary cities policies, and actually work to make the country safe for the Americans who are citizens, vote in elections, work here, and pay taxes here.

Since we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, President Trump and groups such as ICE deserve our fullest support.

Source: Daily Caller

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