President Trump Stunned To Learn That Under Obama, $5 Million Was Squandered Away For…

When the Obama administration wanted to be perceived as if they were doing something good, they typically spent a boatload of money and, the following quarter, they would spend less. Then, Obama would get on national television and radio and tout how much savings they just had by “fiscally responsible, sensible programs and cost-cutting actions.”

It was brilliant…that is, until Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin were pointing out that the administration had spent more than every other presidency combined, going all the way back to our first president, George Washington! This may have been too much for the man with the pen who never said ‘no’ to a budget-busting measure!

In order to waste even more of a very depleted and ever-dwindling budget for the border patrol, Obama mandated polygraph tests to be taken by applicants for the border patrol agent jobs who were already perceived as being “unconsiderable!’ In other words, people who were NEVER GOING TO BE HIRED BY BORDER PATROL were being given expensive polygraph tests. All to the tune of $5 million dollars!

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The Daily Caller:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spent about $5 million conducting polygraph tests on job applicants who had already been disqualified for employment due to criminal activity, the Office of the Inspector General said in a report released Thursday.

Analyzing a representative sample of 380 polygraph exams CBP conducted between 2013 and 2016, the OIG found that “nearly 20 percent of that sample made disqualifying admissions during the pre-polygraph interview,” the report said.

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President Donald Trump’s budget includes money to hire 5,000 additional border agents in the near future, raising concerns about a backlog in the hiring process and making the polygraph waste issue all the more important.

Each polygraph test costs $2,200 of taxpayer money, and 2,300 applicants admitted to disqualifying criminal activity before the polygraph. The range of criminal acts some applicants admitted to included “illegal drug use, drug smuggling, human trafficking, [and] having close personal relationships with people who commit such crimes.”

A video explainer for applicants preparing for the polygraph posted on the CBP website says that test administrators will ask questions related to drug use, “unreported criminal activity,” foreign contacts and involvement with terrorism.

“Given its plans to hire 5,000 additional Border Patrol Agents, it is important that CBP focus its resources on the most qualified and suitable applicants,” Inspector General John Roth said in a statement. “We are pleased that CBP has adopted one of our recommended changes to increase efficiency in its polygraph process.”

Ending the polygraph process early for disqualified applicants could also address the employment backlog. The CBP does not want to lower standards, but the service is considering waiving the polygraph for applicants with “a demonstrated track record of trustworthiness and service,” including former law enforcement officers,” Arizona Central reports.

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This is yet another disgusting example of Democrat officials, paired with uncaring RINO accomplices, wasting even more of the precious taxpayer money and how no one in government appears to be at all concerned that while people are struggling to pay their bills, Congress members are traipsing through life in apparent luxury.

This is one more reason why it warms the heart to know that despite all the witch hunts going on against Trump right now, he still takes the time to save a little money here and there in an effort to fix this massively deceitful, broken system.

Source: The Daily Caller

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