President Trump Just Incriminated Every Top Level Democrat In This EPIC Three Minute Video! [WATCH]

There was never any doubt that the firing of FBI Director Comey would generate political backlash. The only questions were how intense it would be and for how long it would last. To some degree those questions remain, however it might be that the Democrats, after showing real or imagined outrage, might decide to trim their sails.

Part of the problem the Democrats have is that they, themselves, have been very critical of Mr. Comey and his job performance. This was especially true when he seemed to imply that Hillary might be criminally responsible for the debacle with her private email server. One must never, ever imply that Hillary could have made an error, let alone committed a crime.

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All of this makes trouble for the Democrats when then try to attack President Trump over his firing of Mr. Comey. And this is a fact the president has just driven home in a three-minute video, the contents of which should shut the Democrats down.

This video “especially hits Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters hard since they have been some of the biggest critics, spewing lies about why Trump fired Comey.”

One of the reasons this video is so effective is that Trump doesn’t say a word, but let’s these Democrats incriminate themselves.

The argument the left makes doesn’t even make sense: “They say Comey was hot on the trail of proving the Russians colluded with Trump during the election, so Trump had to fire him. Really? First off, there has been not one iota of evidence to come out of any investigation linking Trump to Russia.”

Yet, even if the FBI were on to something, why should the departure of the director stop the investigation? “Secondly, so what if Comey is fired? Would that stop the counter-intel investigation from going on? If Comey had this mythical case against Trump, would he be the only one to know about it and would he take it with him and just let it go?”

Mr. Comey was fired because he was not competent to serve as head of the FBI. The man was in over his head as evidenced by his irregular actions.

This is the nation’s premier law-enforcement agency. It must have competent leadership uninfluenced by politics. We deserve no less.

Source: Mad World News

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