What This Obama Stooge Just Did To Donald Trump Is DISGUSTING – The President Is FURIOUS!

Dislodging the leftist influences that have caused so much damage to our country is not going to happen overnight. Not even someone with Mr. Trump’s stamina and drive can be expected to clear the problems away in a few months. While there will be setbacks on the road to rescuing our country from the damage wreaked by Mr. Obama and his allies, the future looks bright with President Trump at the helm, and Hillary Clinton sent into retirement.

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One nest of leftist, progressive ideologies is located in our court system. With these appointees serving for life, making changes is not that easy. However, President Trump has a terrific opportunity to appoint at least one, if not two or more “strict constructionists” to the Supreme Court as well as numerous other federal court vacancies that arrive. This will be the longer-term solution to the nonsense we’ve recently seen with his attempt to place temporary restrictions on those visiting America.

Demonstrating that liberals do not give up easily, we learn that numerous lawsuits have already been filed against the revised executive order, and that, “Judge William Conley of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin issued a temporary restraining order on Friday blocking Trump’s most recent executive order which bans travel from six countries known for breeding radical Muslim terrorists.”

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Not surprisingly, Judge Conley was appointed to the federal bench by Mr. Obama. In the debate over a presidential candidate’s legislative agenda, it is often forgotten that laws can be changed by a new administration much quicker than the judicial philosophy of those judges appointed by his predecessor. Unfortunately we have had a war going on in America for decades over whether the Constitution is a “living document” and hence should be interpreted in light of modernity and prevailing ideologies, or whether it is a standard that should be interpreted according to the “original intent” of the framers of that document.

Obviously, the left chooses the former interpretive method, and those on the right, the latter. However, by choosing the “living document” approach, the left runs the risk of letting the judicial system get out of control, interpreting the laws is such ways that they find abhorrent.

Who knows what modernity will believe thirty years from now? Shall we leave the project we call America to a future without solid moorings such that it can become anything governed in whatever way future jurists might interpret whatever laws are passed? Or do we believe we have an obligation to deliver to future generations the form of government, complete with the liberties and rights that the founders bequeathed to us?

We believe our obligation to those who will be Americans in the future is to insure the latter.

Source: Mad World News

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