LEAKED: President Trump Drops Colossal Atomic Bomb On UN…Liberals Are IMPLODING!

The United Nations might well have been born with some good intentions, although there were far from pure. At that moment in time, the world had just ended a hideous world war that left tens of millions dead, and large parts of countries in ruins. There is nothing wrong in desiring to avoid a repeat of that. The problem is not the desire to promote world peace, it is the fact that the United Nations quickly became a tool in the hands of powerful interests that would prefer the end of the nation-state and its replacement by a powerful world government. No doubt many of those involved in founding the UN had that very goal from the start.

What has been especially troubling about the UN has been its predilection for putting tyrants and despots in positions of power, such as on committees to promote human rights, while at the same time attacking the US. In essence, we have been paying foreigners to criticize our country and condemn our policies.

The United Nations, that cesspit of globalism and colossal waste of money, is a natural target for Mr. Trump. Recall that during his campaign he promised to curtail America’s participation in globalist organizations. Even in its earliest days, his presidency is already at work on the promise to dramatically reduce our involvement and funding of the United Nations. This is terrific news, indeed, for anyone who loves liberty and our Constitution. President Trump plans to put an end to this nonsense, and we just got a look at how he intends to do so.

It’s ironic and fitting that the very tool that Mr. Obama used so effectively to promote his leftist agenda at the expense of our nation and our liberty is now being used by Mr. Trump not only to reverse that agenda, but to move the nation in an entirely new direction. Of course, that tool would be the executive order.

So it’s great news to learn that, “The Trump administration is preparing executive orders that would clear the way to drastically reduce the United States’ role in the United Nations and other international organizations, as well as begin a process to review and potentially abrogate certain forms of multilateral treaties.”

The Times reports on two executive orders that are being drafted: “The first of the two draft orders, titled ‘Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations’ and obtained by The New York Times, calls for terminating funding for any United Nations agency or other international body that meets any one of several criteria.”

The criteria are not surprising. Groups that promote terrorism or that interfere with sanctions against Iran or North Korea would be on the chopping block. So would groups promoting full UN membership for the Palestinian Authority, as well as any promoting abortion.

Another nice feature of this order is that it, “calls for then enacting ‘at least a 40 percent overall decrease’ in remaining United States funding toward international organizations.”

The other pending executive order is also an encouragement: “The second executive order, ‘Moratorium on New Multilateral Treaties,’ calls for a review of all current and pending treaties with more than one other nation. It asks for recommendations on which negotiations or treaties the United States should leave.”

There is a practical side to curtailing support for international bodies as well as the ideological one – a nation that is $20 trillion in debt really does need to get its own fiscal house in order before spending money on world-improvement programs that don’t work.

We especially need to quit funding groups that serve as platforms from which despots can launch repeated attacks on our nation and its culture. Targeting the United Nations is a terrific place to start.

Source: The New York Times

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