Obama Crony Defies Trump…So The President Dropped This DEVASTATING Hammer – PURE HUMILIATION!

Who can forget those two famous words, or infamous (depending upon to whom they were being said) that Donald Trump was so well known for during his time as the host on the television program “The Apprentice?”

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In case you’ve forgotten, those words were “Your Fired!”

Well, “The Don” recently had the opportunity to say them again, only this time it was from the Oval Office of the White House, as the President of the United States.

The person being fired was another holdover from the Obama administration who thought maybe he might slip through the cracks and stay on as a spy for the Democrats, but nope, no such luck!

Via Clash Daily:

So, who gets the axe?

One of the political hacks that Obama put in as AG. Name of Preet Bharara.

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Preet was given the opportunity to go quietly, with a resignation… like so many before him did when the new team took over.

Leaving quietly would have been the classy way to go. But who cares about honor anymore, when you can instantly score BIG points and street cred on their team by being a political ‘martyr’.

So naturally, Preet did not go quietly into that good night.

At this point, his failure to resign, quietly, begs the question: what did you think would happen?

Trump has already been betrayed by other holdovers from the decadent Obama years so why in the world would he take a chance on this guy?

Clash Daily continued:

With all those APPOINTED Obama insiders running interference against the policies of the DULY-ELECTED government, the bigger question might be…

What took you so long?

He’s still over there on twitter bleating about Trump’s original intention of keeping him on into the new administration.

Gee, do you think Obama and Valerie moving into Washington digs and organizing something called a #Resistance had something to do with this decision?

You can’t really bite the hand that feeds you and then complain about getting kicked to the curb, now can you?

No, you certainly can’t if you have an ounce of integrity. But for the Democrats, integrity seems to have been in extremely short supply since the election of Barack Obama!

Source: Clash Daily

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