After Months Of Silence, President Bush Destroys Obama, Clinton With 10 Stunning Words

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm that hurt a lot of people in a lot of places. Although most people talk about the terrible effect that it had on New Orleans, the fact is that it decimated a large swath of land that spanned from the very tip of Florida and up through the southern United States to Ohio. It incurred a cost of over $96B and cost human lives in excess of 1,800.

When Katrina occurred, the Fake News Industrial Complex, desperate for any news that they could pile on to the already terrible news they had already compiled for George W. Bush, came out teeming with pre-written stories of Bush’s failure and predictions that this would lead ultimately to his impeachment. The effort would be ongoing for the next year, with some on the Left actually, literally suggesting that Bush had commanded the very weather to kill Black Americans! (Yes, they really did!)

If you’ll recall, when Hurricane Sandy devastated the coastline of the United States and many viewed the Obama response as inadequate, the FNIC reacted with a collective and protracted yawn, not really wishing to spend one moment of their precious broadcast time on the tragedy as they had other more pressing things to talk about…like Obamacare. For Trump, Harvey’s desolation has once again reached a fevered pitch, what with a Republican in the White House. But George W Bush has been there to not only defend Trump, but to shame Obama and even Clinton for their lack of support during this natural disaster. Bush spoke to residents in Texas and assured them, “…days are dark now, but they’re going to get better!”

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Mad World News:

In the wake of record-breaking rainfall in Texas, where tens of thousands of people have been displaced and many have died, former President George W. Bush showed up unexpectedly at a football practice where somber players were trying their best to concentrate on the game, even as many of their friends and family members were left devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Bush delivered a message to the football players which they desperately needed to hear, and he embarrassed Democrats with four words in the process.

According to IJR, Bush made an unexpected visit to Southern Methodist University on Tuesday…to deliver a powerful message…namely, that while the people of Texas may be experiencing unspeakable tragedy at the moment, things are “going to get better.”

He continued, “Right now they’re recovering. So the key thing on the recovery is to keep people safe, and then it’s going to be rebuilding. And if you’re from that area, you’ll be amazed at the people who come down there to help. All kinds of people. And so the days are now, but they’re going to get better,” added Bush.

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After days of torrential rain and fierce floodwaters, officials across Southeast Texas are just beginning to tally the deadly toll taken by Harvey, which has left 30 percent of Houston underwater and thousands of people displaced. As of Tuesday evening, officials believed that at least 22 people across Texas were dead of storm-related causes, a number expected to rise in the coming days and weeks. [Source: The Washington Post]

We have now seen two very strong and inspiring responses to Hurricane Harvey from two Republican presidents – George W. Bush and Donald Trump…This leaves us wondering where the Democratic presidents are in the wake of one of the most devastating storms the United States has ever seen. Indeed, the record-breaking rainfall in Texas has left tens of thousands displaced, and many dead. Where is Barack Obama? Where is Bill Clinton?

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While it’s encouraging to see this sort of response from the former president, it is not unusual to hear the sound of crickets from the Left when it comes to this storm. Unfortunately, when it comes to the press (who have lost their journalistic souls to the predations of Regressivism) this storm’s terrible effects only serve as a basis for their further attacks on the Trump administration, facts be damned.

I won’t try to pretend that it’s clearly a transparent technique of deceit and intellectual dishonesty when it comes to so-called journalism these days when the heart-breaking measure of a storm’s brutality comes at the end of whether or not the president is a Republican or a Democrat. And it’s extremely sad commentary when the Left claims the mantle of caring for humanity when they are the first ones to turn their backs on their fellow man.

Source: Mad World News

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