New Sharia Law Hotspot Found — Look Where Muslims Are Flocking To Practice Radical Islam

With the ongoing struggles in Syria and African nations where Muslims continue to be at odds with governmental authorities, refugees continue to paralyze social mechanisms in Europe in coping with the flood of migrants. Nearly every nation south of Sweden in the European Union has dealt with this massive influx.

Social constructs that are specifically designed for this newest wave are under-served, under-manned, and under-funded. Specifically, in nations where the leaders have removed any doubt that they will be taking in unprecedented numbers of Muslims, the people of those nations whose culture in in the crosshairs, the refugees are dominating whole regions while law enforcement seems to be turning a blind eye to the Muslim “no-go zones;” places where Whites are not welcomed.

Most recently, the French who have been clamping down on Muslim infractions of French law and have banned the wearing of hijabs, have seen a huge exodus of the Islamic faith flocking to a specific nation where the welfare is generous, the government more accepting of Sharia Law, and law enforcement defending “no-go zones.” Where is this magical place for Muslims? The United Kingdom!

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A growing number of radical Muslims are flocking to move from France to Britain, where generous welfare payments, lack of scrutiny from the authorities, and the ease with which families can practice strict Islam have earned the UK a reputation as a halal paradise for Salafists who are unable to secure visas for Saudi Arabia.

French newspaper L’Obs reports that Small Heath, a neighbourhood of Birmingham where 95 per cent of residents practise Islam, is one of the most popular spots for French Muslims seeking a new home where women can wear the full face veil. The garment has been banned since 2010 in France.

“Daesh [ISIS] isn’t here, and no one is looking at you,” explained Dounia, a woman of Moroccan origin who moved to Small Heath from France with her husband Karim and his four children a year ago.

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Life in the area is “cool” for Muslims, she said, telling L’Obs how there are single sex gymnasiums and pool schedules with segregated swimming, that shops contain prayer rooms and how, in hospitals, women can ask to be seen by a female doctor.

Another reason the pair settled in Small Heath was to “blend in with the masses”, Dounia said. A big draw of the UK for Muslims seeking to leave France, L’Obs reports, is the lack of scrutiny in comparison to France and other countries in Europe, where security services often closely monitor Salafists.

And the threat of Brexit accelerated the Salafist exodus to Britain, according to Hussein, who stated that there are around 100 families living in Small Heath who have moved from France, “at least 300 in Birmingham”.

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A group called “Britain First” led by founders Paul Goldring and Jayda Fransen, have been making videos and calling attention to the so-called “no-go zones” in places like Luten and Leiceister. The group has been banned from many neighborhoods throughout Britain, their home country, because the police act under orders from the courts that defend Islam.

The “Islamization” of Europe is a slowly ticking time bomb that will eventually erase all cultures in Europe. Some estimates place most European cultures being minorities in their own nations by as early as 2023.

Source: Breitbart

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