President Trump’s Possible FBI Director Pick Has Conservatives Dancing In The Streets!

So, here we are, moments after President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. There has been a shock wave of emotions running across the country since this termination happened, and Americans could not be more thrilled that Obama crony and deep state DC swamper Comey is no longer a part of the problem.

But now comes the new question, who will replace Comey?

Obviously, you would think that anyone that Trump replaces him with would be a step up, but when you think about Rep. Trey Gowdy being on that short list, well, all of America would be cheering!

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From Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump shocked the nation Tuesday by firing FBI Director James Comey, largely due to his unprofessional handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as some of his public statements in congressional hearings on that and other matters.

According to Independent Journal Review, many people on the right let out a cheer, as they have been waiting for Comey to be fired since he let Clinton off the hook in the summer of 2016.

Meanwhile, Democrats who up until Tuesday were vehemently calling for Comey’s ouster due to his alleged sabotage of Clinton’s campaign just before November’s election, were suddenly backing Comey to the hilt, newly outraged that such a shining example of an impartial lawman could be fired so ingloriously.

However, among the celebrations and grievous outcries percolating on the Internet, one name consistently drew mention as the top potential replacement as head of the FBI, that being Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, a veritable rock-star in conservative circles…

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While there are certainly pros and cons to any of those others mentioned, the former South Carolina prosecutor who has gained prominence in Congress by chairing the Benghazi Select Committee investigation as well as grilling countless bureaucrats who appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, seems a logical choice.

Were Gowdy to be appointed as the next FBI director, he would essentially join forces with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, making quite a formidable team when it comes to Trump’s agenda of re-instituting law and order and respect for the rule of law, something that has been lacking over the past eight years.

It seems as if most of America wants Trey Gowdy to take over at the helm of the FBI. I could not agree more! The safety of our country would increase, and our rights under the Constitution would be further preserved!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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