Pornography Scandal Erupts In Washington…Guess Which Agency Was Caught Red-Handed?

It’s no secret that federal government jobs pay well with excellent benefits. In fact, government workers frequently make more money doing similar jobs as their counterparts in private businesses. Perhaps the fact that their employer, the federal government, doesn’t have to worry about balancing its budget, much less turning a profit like commercial firms, is the reason for the disparity in wages.

Maybe these federal civil servants are worth their pay, perhaps not. The generous fringe benefits packages many of them receive are remarkable. However, one of those fringe benefits should not be the ability to waste time at work entertaining themselves watching videos on their computers. And when it comes to porn, well, people need to get fired.

Actually, it’s worse than that. NASA has caught employees with not only pornography on their computers, but child pornography which should result not only in getting fired, but also criminal charges.

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“At least a dozen NASA employees have been caught watching porn at the office since 2015 by the agency’s Inspector General (IG), including several with images of children in sexual situations, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

“The government employees resigned or retired to avoid termination in some cases, IG reports show. The probes were often initiated after investigators noticed search terms used on NASA’s network that suggested child exploitation. The reports were received through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).”

The fact that American taxpayers are funding federal government employees who spend their days watching illegal child pornography on their computers is an outrageous violation of the law. Since NASA seems to be able to function with employees engaging in such behavior it’s clear that it is overstaffed. Cut the budget.

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Besides viewing child porn which is illegal, this next example takes the cake:

“A contracted employee working for the space agency downloaded more than 1,000 images of ‘adult pornography or sexually explicit material’ on his NASA computer, which he viewed during work hours, a November 2015 IG report said.

“‘Many of the files were located in a folder created by the user, on the user’s profile “Desktop” folder, indicating that they were accessible and in plain-view when the computer Desktop was visible,’ the report continued.

“The employee ‘admitted to looking at photographic images of nude women while at work and during work hours,’ but ‘he did not understand that the material he was viewing was considered pornography,’ the IG report said. The employee said he considered it ‘art.'”

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What’s to be said about something like that? Does NASA actually hire people who are so abysmally stupid that they think viewing thousands of photos of nude women is okay because they think it is “art?” Or is the guilty party so abysmally stupid as to think anyone would believe such a lie?

And even if he was viewing great works of art from the famous galleries of the world, he still is stealing from the government by spending who knows how many hours getting paid and not working.

No doubt we can expect NASA to try to cover this up. After all, we cannot have scandals possibly causing budget cuts. But this is just the sort of behavior that causes Americans to have a low opinion of their government and those who are employed by it.

We await NASA’s firing of anyone involved in any form of porn on government time or using government equipment. And with regard to kiddie porn, send them to jail.

Source: Daily Caller

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