Should John McCain Apologize To President Trump?

In the past few months, we have seen Senator John McCain unleash unbelievable remarks at President Trump.

First, he called Trump’s mission to Yemen a “failure,” due to the loss of life involved in that mission. He has subsequently been shut down by a Navy SEAL for those remarks.

Over the weekend, McCain discussed Trump’s press conference and likened Trump to the beginnings of a “dictator.” Similarly, Sen. Rand Paul came out of nowhere to defend the president, and said that there are no changes to the freedom of the press coming down the Congressional pipeline anytime soon.

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Along with those behaviors, there are now reports coming out that Senator McCain was the White House leaker that moved classified information out of the White House and into the hands of the mainstream media.

Looking at all of these incredible acts, is it time for John McCain to apologize?

Should John McCain Apologize To President Trump?

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