It’s Tax Day! Should President Trump Eliminate The Income Tax?

Albeit an unusual three days late, today is indeed tax day, where you submit any payments to the federal government, or receive a refund, based strictly upon your income. In some states, you are also required to do the same.

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Given the fact that our taxpayer dollars have been used in such horrendous ways (thank you, Obama), we wanted to see if you felt that it is now time to bring to the table the discussion of the income tax. The income tax has only been a part of permanent American culture since 1913, so after 100 years, it may make sense to review this part of our life and see if its really worth the time and pain to hand over our hard earned money to Congress to spend as they please.

So what do you think? Should we ask President Trump to completely eliminate the income tax?

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Should President Trump Eliminate The Income Tax?

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