Should President Trump Have Sanctuary City Mayors Arrested, Alongside Illegals, For Defying Federal Laws?

We have had to deal with numerous cities across the United States stick their thumbs up at President Trump for enforcing all immigration laws that are on the books. With former President Obama, defying the rule of law was encouraged, hence why the growth of sanctuary cities skyrocketed.

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As President Trump is working to send illegals back where they came from, sanctuary cities are doing their best to undermine both Trump and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, leading to the aiding and abetting of these aliens.

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill in his state to arrest sheriffs (such as Sally Hernandez) that help push the agenda of sanctuary cities. But I want to ask a question that goes one step farther: should we arrest mayors that use their power to thwart federal immigration laws?

Should Sanctuary City Mayors Be Arrested For Defying Federal Laws?

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