SHOCK POLL: Trump Just Received A BOMBSHELL! Stunning Report Shows Americans Believe…

Mr. Obama certainly wished to be seen as the president to bring “hope and change,” to America, but it might turn out to be President Trump who will actually earn that distinction.

Given the resistance that any conservative politician will receive from the mainstream media, an uptick in a conservative’s approval ratings is something of real significance. It’s much easier to do well in the polls if the media is ideologically on your side, as was the case with Mr. Obama, as well as Mrs. Clinton, for that matter. President Trump entered the race with a largely hostile major media, and went on to win anyway. This is a significant accomplishment.

Hence, it is encouraging to see that, in spite of his detractors filling the news rooms of media outlets such as CNN, his recent poll numbers look good.

With all the battles he has already fought, President Trump should draw encouragement from a recent Gallup poll as reported by The Blaze: “According those polled, 62 percent believe that Trump ‘keeps his promises.’ Moreover, 59 percent believe he ‘is a strong and decisive leader.'” Not bad for a man the mainstream media never believed could win the presidency.

The Blaze continues with this encouraging news: “Most surprisingly, over half of Americans believe Trump ‘can bring about the changes this country needs,'” with this number at 53 percent.

Any president has an incredibly difficult job, and all get tested by multiple events throughout their terms of office. President Trump will experience the same, perhaps even more so. Yet, he brings incredible energy and determination to the job. Even in the early weeks of his administration, Americans seem to be picking up on this.

While Mr. Obama did bring “change” to America, it’s much more difficult to find patches of hopefulness generated as a result of his presidency. Simply being a liberal and liking Mr. Obama’s liberal policies doesn’t count for much – at least not unless you are just happy with symbolism as opposed to real results, which is what the mainstream media has been telling us for eight long years.

It would be truly amazing if President Trump really did turn out to be the man who brought “hope and change” back to America.

Source: Political Insider

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