Look What Police Officers Are Now Required To Do — All Because Of Transgenders?

The American police officer has a lot on his/her plate these days. They have to undergo intensive physical training at the academy to be in peak shape in order to deal with the very tough aspect of wrestling people who resist arrest and chase them down when they flee. They must also undergo intensive psychological training to ensure that not only are they using this knowledge to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation, but that they are able to deal with the immense stress and anxiety that accompanies being a law enforcement officer in a very dangerous world.

Officers also have many other newer obstacles with which to deal in the 21st century, including a much higher presence of drugs, weapons that are advanced and deadly, cyber-crime, and terrorism on our home soil. The police officer that receives a call to an area he/she knows to be dangerous is probably one of the most stressful situations with which an officer must cope.

Now, another set of criteria has arisen which further complicates police work. The proper and accurate identification of whether or not someone is male or female. That’s right, police in Florida will now have to undergo sensitivity training in reference to transgender individuals because the misidentifying a perpetrator could mean expensive lawsuits for the city.

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The Blaze:

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Officer James Brinton pulled over Fort Lauderdale real estate agent Shelby Kendall in January for drag racing in a Camaro. Kendall’s license listed him as a female, but Brinton issued a citation for reckless driving, identifying Kendall as male. Brinton said that he thought there may had been an error on the license.

According to Kendall’s complaint, Brinton asked Kendall why his license read “female.” Kendall responded that he identified as a female, prompting Brinton to say “Well, for the purposes of this citation, you’re a male.”

Kendell, 48, filed a complaint with the city for Brinton misgendering him, subjecting Brinton to a hearing before the city’s Citizens Police Review Board.

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According to the Sun-Sentinel, this training entails watching a 13-minute video from the U.S. Department of Justice on how to deal with transgender individuals, and signing a document stating that they watched the video.

Before this training can begin, however, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department has to agree to undergo the sensitivity training. Furthermore, the city manager still has to sign off on issuing the reprimand to Brinton for the incident.

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I think it’s a safe bet that this video mentioned in the article was produced under an Obama Department of Justice. I cannot imagine that a Jeff Sessions-run DOJ would have this sort of nonsense, particularly since it cost a ton of money to produce, no doubt at the expense of the taxpayer.

At the same time, the fact that this man was “misgendered” correctly (anatomically speaking) is much more important to other officers who have been called to the scene to deal with a perpetrator. Imagine if the responding officers had arrived believing that the perpetrator was a female, only to allow this old man to leave the scene because he obviously wasn’t. This needs to be considered as an officer and public safety issue; nothing else. When we have to continually create new phrases and words to identify a new identity, we’ve gone too far.

Source: The Blaze

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