US Army Sergeant Pledges Allegiance To ISIS — Guess What Happened Next?

Leftism has instilled some outrageous and very dangerous mindsets in our armed forces and it’s far past the time that this practice needs to end. The ability of the greatest fighting force on the face of the planet to be effective, unhindered, and ultimately victorious must be spearheaded by a military-minded psychology where our soldiers require truth rather than political correctness.

At the end of the day, the only way to do this is to rid the military industrial complex of Leftism; a scourge on modern military procedure that seriously endangers our soldiers. Amid calls for fairness and respect for the individual, old school military trainers see a marked increase in non-adaptability and a decrease in motivation in our troops.

A major example of this type of dangerous mindset is the military’s own hesitation to honestly report instances of potential radicalized behavior by our soldiers. A very poor judgment call was made eight years ago at Fort Hood when LTC Nidal Hassan’s increased sympathies for the enemy were ignored by military psychologists, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of 13 people. Now, after years of surveillance, the FBI has stepped up and finally done the right thing by arresting yet another radicalized American soldier.

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Conservative Tribune:

Sgt. First Class Ikaika Erik Kang was arrested earlier this month and charged with attempting to supply undercover FBI agents posing as jihadists with “material support or resources,” according to The New York Times.

Stationed in Hawaii, the 34-year-old reportedly met with undercover federal agents on several occasions and volunteered to hand them over both classified intelligence and even military equipment, including drone cameras and chest rigs.

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Federal agents finally took him into custody this month after he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and expressed his desire to “kill a bunch of people,” according to authorities who spoke with The Associated Press.

The Army had been aware of Kang’s radicalism since at least 2011, when he reportedly issued statements in support of the terror group and threatened to hurt his fellow soldiers, but waited until last year to report him to the FBI — a fact retired Army judge and prosecutor Col. Gregory A. Gross finds immensely disturbing.

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In the early days of military training, drill sergeants were permitted to put their hands on recruits. Many Leftists saw this treatment as over the top assault, but never bothered to look at the psychology of why it’s important that trainers be permitted to take drastic action when teaching a person how to survive.

Combat is not something that can just be magically installed in someone’s brain. You’re teaching an individual to act exactly opposite to his gut instincts. You’re training someone to kill. That’s not something that can be done with words alone. Depriving a drill sergeant of essential training methods that ensure the safety of the troops and security of the mission saves lives. We need to exercise common sense and get rid of Liberal influence in order to be successful.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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