Vice-President Pence Just Made History! He Just Signed Off On…WHOA!

Politicians set up political action committees (PACs) to provide vehicles for raising funds for their campaigns. With the staggering sums that even House and Senate races cost, this comes as no surprise. After all, someone has to pay for those endless political ads on television that we get so tired of seeing as campaigns heat up.

Presidential candidates are even more dependent on a variety of tools to raise funds for the enormous costs of running a campaign, especially a successful one. But that’s the domain of presidents and presidential hopefuls. It’s not something done by vice-presidents. At least until now.

Mr. Pence has just broken with that precedent by signing off on the creation of his own PAC, ostensibly to assist with the 2018 and 2020 elections.

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“As reported by WRTV-6 in Indianapolis, Pence ‘quietly’ filed paperwork with the Federal Election Committee on Wednesday to form the PAC. And as reported by NBC News, the filing is the first time in history that a sitting vice president has formed his own PAC.

“This is not to suggest that Pence is anything but a loyal soldier to President Donald Trump. To the contrary, Mr. Pence has steadfastly supported the boss through thick and thin — including during the Trump-Pence campaign’s darkest hours.”

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We can expect the Democrats to claim that this has been done because Mr. Pence does not believe that President Trump will be able to complete his term. There is no evidence to support such as assertion.

There is another very real possible reason for the establishment this the PAC, and it’s the opposite of what the Democrats might suggest. Mr. Pence no doubt realizes that that Democrats will be out in force in 2018 in an effort to take control of one or both houses of Congress. He might be making preparations to support those who are crucial to the Trump agenda. The same thing goes for the 2020 elections.

President Trump will need plenty of support in the elections ahead. Rather than reading this a some sort of preparation by the vice-president to jump ship, perhaps it should be seen as an effort by him to strengthen it, and as a contingency fund should Mr. Pence choose to run for president himself someday.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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