Nancy Pelosi Just Opened Up A Can Of Whoop-Ass — On Herself!

It appears from her words and actions that Nancy Pelosi’s entire purpose for being in Congress has devolved into one of launching unfounded attacks on President Trump.

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What else does the former speaker of the House do? Well, she gives interviews where she often just makes herself look ridiculous. Maybe she reads a prepared speech now and then on the House floor. She must do something as minority leader. But to what effect is any of this? Not much.

The topic of her Trump attacks has turned again to his tax returns and her demands that they be released. Surely he has to be hiding something. After all, she must believe that everyone who makes it to top leadership positions in Washington must be as corrupt as she is, right?

Here is a video of her attacking the president:

She would do herself a favor if she kept her mouth shut. Fortunately, however, we don’t have to worry about that. With this attack on President Trump’s financial dealings, she’s likely to draw attention to herself. And that might not be the smartest move she ever made.

On “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch” show, some unflattering information about Mrs. Pelosi, and Mr. Pelosi as well, was shared: “[Co-Host Harlan] Hill said Pelosi’s husband Paul is an ‘ultra-wealthy real estate investor and venture capitalist who has been an active investor in large companies that have been impacted by his wife’s regulations,’ but yet we don’t have a record of his finances.”

Continuing, “‘Nancy Pelosi has engaged in insider trading,’ Hill said, ‘because she’s been the beneficiary of information that other people wouldn’t have, so Paul Pelosi is able to make active trades on her insider knowledge.'”

Here’s a video of 60 Minutes reaching out to her about this:

This really shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Even honest people might be tempted when presented with such information. And although it’s entirely circumstantial, Mrs. Pelosi’s obvious desire to be speaker again might be motivated more by gaining the ability to set the legislative agenda and promote her finances than by serving the people of America.

For some reason that old and somewhat trite saying about “people in glass houses throwing stones” comes to mind. It makes you wonder if it has ever occurred to Mrs. Pelosi?

Source: Mad World News

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