President Trump Has New Name For Illegals — PC Liberals Just Worked Themselves Into Full Lather

We embrace the doctrine of political correctness at our own peril. As nothing more than a form of relativism, the result is an obfuscation of the meaning of words to the point where one cannot be entirely sure what is being said, or at least its meaning. This is in keeping with the goal of liberals to change society, in part by making it impossible to communicate clear meanings.

At the opposite pole from political correctness would be racial slurs, crude remarks, bigoted and unkind comments, and a general sense of nastiness, either deliberately or out of indifference for the feelings or dignity of others. Neither pole is acceptable, at least not among people who are considered civilized. However, bigots are easy to identify. Adherents to political correctness often must be called out.

For example, when someone breaks a law, what they have done is illegal. Therefore, those who broke the law to enter our country are illegal “somethings.” Since they are alien to our country, the use of the term “illegal alien” which is now being used by the Department of Justice under President Trump is both accurate and descriptive. It is certainly not bigoted or racist, as anyone of any ethnic background or religion can be an illegal alien. It replaces Mr. Obama’s policy of using the word “undocumented” which is deliberately confusing. If someone is “undocumented,” they might have been the victim of a clerical error, which is not what we are dealing with here.

“The Justice Department’s new terminology for illegal immigrants is making liberal heads spin.

“Departing from Obama-era terms like ‘undocumented,’ ‘unauthorized,’ and ‘migrants,’ the DOJ began referring to illegal immigrants as ‘illegal aliens.'”

“‘Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with families who have lost loved ones because of crimes committed by illegal aliens,’ read the opening line of a DOJ press release last month.”

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This has the liberals upset, with one newspaper columnist erroneously claiming that illegal aliens are not criminals.

“Chicago Tribune writer Todd Slowik complained that ‘word choice is important,’ and can send the wrong message.

“‘The phrase “illegal alien” plays into assumptions that immigrants living in this country without proper documentation are criminals,’ Slowik wrote in a recent opinion piece for The Chicago Tribune.”

Mr. Slowik either has an abysmal grasp on the English language, which is clearly not the case, or he is pushing political correctness to an extreme. The point is that these people did break the law to enter this country. There is no joy in making that comment. But again, to push things to an extreme, a bank thief is not an “undocumented borrower” of the bank. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

This is all about maximizing the number of illegal aliens in this country in order to eventually inflate Democratic voting roles. If they have done nothing illegal, and thus are not criminals, what is to prevent their being awarded citizenship and voting rights? And how is this fair to those who did go to the trouble to enter our country legally?

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At the risk of belaboring the point, here is a magnificent example of political correctness:

“‘They’re using a legally inaccurate term that’s deployed to unfairly label and scapegoat people who are out of status due to a variety of systemic circumstances,’ Xakota Espinoza from the Center for Racial Justice Innovation, told LawNewz.”

And there’s your humor for day. Sit and contemplate what it means for a person to be “out of status due to a variety of systemic circumstances.”

And people said politics cannot be funny.

Source: Bizpac Review

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